General Programme



The Summer School focuses on:

The Current Status of the Global Oil Market and challenges of a post-oil economy.

The Current Status of the Global Oil Market


  • Oil as a Limited Natural Resource: Current Status of Global Oil Reserves,
  • Changes in Global Energy Consumption: Rising Awareness of Climate Change,
  • Structure of Global Oil Market: Power Relations and Lack of Transparency.


Issues faced by Oil Exporters and Importers and the Recent Oil Crisis


  • Social Injustice and Disparities in Oil-Exporting Countries,
  • Political Struggles for Hegemony in Oil-Exporting Countries: Case Study on Qatar, Iran and Saudi-Arabia,
  • Issues of Energy Security in European States as Importing Countries,
  • The Causes for the Crisis: Crowding-out Effects and Dutch Disease.


Post-Oil Era: Alternatives to Oil and Ways Forward: Investing in the Future: Alternative Energy Sources


  • Critical Discussion and Comparison of Solar, Wind and Water Energy Production,
  • Investing in the Future: Education as the Key to Transformation,
  • The Role of Good Governance and Transparency in Post-Oil Era.


Approaches of Selected States:


  • Between Sustainability and Landgrabbing: Case Study: China
  • Preparing for a Post-Oil Society: Becoming the Hub between three Continents: Case Study: Saudi Vision 2030.


Developing a Future Vision:


  • Fictional debate between representatives of oil exporting and importing countries in search of a path for the future,
  • “The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil”.