1.G.Yesman was a rector in 1922-1928-s

1. Iosif Gavrilovich Yesman was born in Vileyka settlement near Minsk, Belarus. He was a chairman of “Hidraulics and hydraulic mechanisms” department of the Institute from 1922 to 1955 and then a rector in 1922-1928-s. He was an outstanding Soviet scientist in the field of hydraulics, in 1932 he was favoured with “Labour Hero” and in 1963 received degree of Doctor of technical sciences and scientific degree of professor. In 1945 he was chosen academician of AS AzSSR. He died in Baku in 1955.

2. The graduate of the institute M.V.Barinov held the position of the rector in 1928. Mikhail Vasilyevich Barinov was born in the village of Dubranova of Saratov guberniya, Russia. In1922-1926-s he was a vice-director of “Azneft”, in 1931-1933-s the director and in 1922-1929-s he became the rector of the Institute.

3. In 1929-1932 the other graduate of the institute A.A.Nikishin carried out reconstruction works and held the position of the rector. In 1917 Aleksandr Alekseyevich Nikishin was one of the organizers of Trade Union of Baku Oil Industry Workers. At various periods he held positions in Tiblisi and Leningrad (now Saint Peterburg). In 1929-1932-s he was the rector of the institute.

4. A.M. Gegodayev was the rector in 1932-1933. In 1930 A.M.Gegodayev graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute and worked here for a while. He held the position of the rector of the institute from 4 February 1932 to 1 September 1933.

5. In 1933-1934 S.R. Kiselov was the rector of the institute. S.R.Kiselov entered “Mining” faculty of Tecnology Institute in Tomsk, Russia and then continued his education in “Physic-mathematics” faculty of Peterburg University, Moscow Mining Academy and “geological exploration” faculty of Moscow Institute. He showed himself as highly qualified educated man, scientist and organizer. In 1932 he was the director of Baku Industry Academy, in 1933-1934 he held the position of the rector of the Institute and then moved to Moscow.

6. The rector of the institute was I.S.Akhundzade in 1934-1939. In 1930 he graduated from the institute. First he worked as an engineer-tecnologist in the industry, but soon he took the position of the vice-rector on training and then on scientific works. On January, 1934 he began his activity as a rector and made significant contribution in training of engineers and high quality scientific personnel.

7. In 1939-1941s M.M.Aliyev held the position of the rector of the institute. Doctor of geologico-mineralogical sciences, professor, Honoured oilman of the USSR, Laureate of Azerbaijan State award Musa Aliyev was born in Shamakha on 14 April, 1908 and after leaving secondary school with excellent marks he entered Azerbaijan Politechnical Institute. In 1931 graduating from “Geologico-exploration” faculty with honours diploma he became a post-graduate and was appointed an assistant. At the age of 28 he defended dissertation thesis. He founded the basis of systematic study of Mezazoy fauna in Azerbaijan. In 1936-1938s he was the director of Azerbaijan bureau of Trans Caucasia Trust of Geology, chief engineer of Azerbaijan Institute of Geology, faculty dean of Azerbaijan Industry University. In 1939-1941s being the director (rector) he was an initiator and organizer of celebration of 20 Jubilee of this authoritative high school. In 1941-1942 assistant-professor of “Palentology and hisrorical geology” department of Moscow Oil Institute, director of the main office of education institutions of the USSR National Oil Industry Commissariat, Musa Aliyev was responsible for the field training of engineer-technical personnel in South Caucasus republics to provide needs of the front with oil products during 1941-1945-s and was awarded with Lenin order for his successful activity.

In 1947 Musa Aliyev was chosen a member and then a secretary of Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party, in 1948-1949 a vice-chairman of Council of Ministers, a chairman of the State Plan Commetee, then the deputy of II, III and IX session of USSR Supreme Council. In 1957 He got scientific degree of Doctor of geologico-mineraligical sciences and scientific name of professor. In 1950-1958s he was a president of Academy of Sciences and as a result of his organize activity the scientific fields as physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, economy and etc. were developed greately. In a short time he prepared doctors of sciences and candidates, and send about 200 post-graduates to the authoritative scientific and training institutions of the former union. During Musa Aliyev’s presidency at the Institute of geology of Academy of Sciences paleontology and stratigraphy faculty was established and activity of four laboratories was restored. Completion of Academy camping project, leasing the right, receiving financial facilities from Moscow were Musa Aliyev’s unexampled service. Under his leadership and editorship 7 volumes of Azerbaijan geology collection was published, Shamakha observatory, “Astronomy expedition, astrophisics” department in the institute of Physics were established. In 1958 Musa Aliyev was invited to Moscow, and appointed a vice-director on scientific works of the “Institute of Volcano Mineral Field Geology”. He founded the laboratory of biostratigraphy of oil-gas fileds and geography of carried out investigations covered Caucasus, Turkmenia, Gazakhistan, Uzbekistan and Western Siberia. In 1967 the USSR Ministry of Oil Extracting Industry sent him to Algeria and under his leadership rich oil-gas fileds were discovered according to the oil contract made with this country .

Since 1971 till the end of his life Musa Aliyev worked at the abovementioned institute. He was the author of 210 scientific works, 15 monographies and the supervisor of many doctors of sciences and candidates. Academician Musa Aliyev died in Moscow on 3 May, 1985 and was buried in Fexri Xiyaban, Baku.

8. In 1941 S.B.Gojayev was appointed the rector of the Institute. He was born in Ilisu village of Gakh region in 1899. He was one of the organizors of Youth Union in Azerbaijan. In 1918 he held the position of vice-chairman of Youth Union of Balakan region and the chairman of Zagatala Revolution Committee in 1920. In 1925 graduating from worker faculty he entered “Technology” faculty of the Insitute and at the same time worked as a fitter at the plant named after S.Budyonni. After he was sent to the regions by mobilization, of the party since he had continued his education and got an engineer diploma on machine building in 1932. After finishing his study he was attracted to party activity again. He worked as a representative of National Commissariat of Heavy Industry, an engineer of assembly shop of the plant named after Lieutenant Shmidt a secretary of Kirov region committee of AC (b)P, a director of “Azneftmach” trust, commissar of National Transport of Azerbaijan SSR, a director of “Azerneftcombinat”, a vice-chairman of National Commissars Union of Azerbaijan SSR. In 1941-1960-s he was the rector of the institute, but didn’t stop relations with the industry, made several inventions (eight velocity units, drawworks and etc.), his developments determined the direction of machine building in Republic.

In 1949 S.B.Gojayev got scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences. Several times he was chosen a member of CC of Azerbaijan CP(b), Azerbaijan CIK, Trancaucasia CIK, a deputy Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR (1-4 sessions) and awarded with medals and orders.

9. In 1961 professor I.A.Ibrahimov was appointed the rector of the Institute. Ismayil Ali Ibrahimov was born in Ordubad on 15 December of 1915, graduating from the secondary school in Baku he entered Industry Technical school named after N.Narimanov.

After graduating from the department of mechanics of the secondary school he studied at “Energetics” faculty of Azerbaijan Industry Institute named after M.Azizbekov in 1935-1941s.

In 1941-1946 he joined the Army, for exemplary service in the Great Patriotic War was awarded with medals and order. Since 1946 he had begun his activity as a senior laboratory assistant, assistant, senior teacher in the department of “Control-measuring devices” of Azerbaijan Industry University named after M.Azizbekov and in 1952 defending dissertation he got scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences. In 1952 he became an assistant-professor of this department (Then it was named “Automatization of production processes”), professor (1964) and head of the department. He was secretary of Party Organization of the Institute in 1950-1952s and 1956-1959, and a rector of Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry University. In 1968 he got scientific degree of Doctor of technical Sciences, was chosen corresponding member of AS of AzSSR. In 1970-1978 he became the first chairman of the Council of Ministers of Az.SSR and in 1978-1988-s he worked as a rector of the Institute again. Since 1988 he is the deputy chairman of managerial staff of “Republic Children’s Fond”. Academician I.A.Ibrahimov represented Azerbaijan in a number of education and science forums held in France, Mexico, Japon, Rumin, Russia, England, Iran, Finland, Algeria, German Democratic Republic. I.A.Ibrahimov was the chief editor of “Oil and Gaz” journal in 1961-1970-s and 1978-1988-s. In 1950, 1959, 1961 he became a deputy of Council of National Deputies of Baku, in 1963, 1967, 1980, 1985. – the deputy of Supreme Soviet of AzSSR and the USSR and in 1980 he was chosen a corresponding member of AS of AzSSR and awarded with various medals and orders and honoured with the names of “Honoured scientific worker” of AzSSR (1985) the USSR State award Laureate on science and technics, “Honoured oilman of USSR”(1985) “Honoured worker of Gas Industry of the USSR” (1985), “Hero of Socialist Labour” (1986).

10. In 1970 professor K.N.Guluzade was appointed the rector of the Institute. Kazim Novruzali Guluzade was born in Baku on 8 May, 1908. In 1924 graduating from secondary school he entered Electronics department of Industry technical school named after N.Narimanov and then worked here. In 1929-1934-s he studied in the faculty of “Energetics” of Azerbaijan Industrial Iniversity. Later he worked as an engineer-electric in the field named after Stalin of “Azneft” unit and since 1936 he had worked as a chief engineer-electric. He took position of chief specialist in energetics of Kirovneft trust of “Azneft” unit in 1937-1938-s; a chief engineer in energetics of “Aznefthasilat”unit in 1939-1937, a chief specialist in energetics in 1939-1940.

In 1940-1941 he supervised “Electron equipment” laboratory in the scientific Research Institute of Safety Technics in Oil Industry, in 1941-1947-s he was a deputy-director on scientific works at the “Energetics” institute of Azerbaijan branch of the USSR AS, in 1947-1952s head of the “Electric equipment” laboratory. In 1948 he returned to Azerbaijan Industry Institute and continued his pedagogical activity as a head of “Energetics of Oil Industry” department, in 1961-1965s he was a dean of “Energetics” faculty, in 1970-1978 a rector of the Institute.

In 1941 defending Ph.D dissertation he became an assistant – professor in 1943 and got scientific name “senior scientific worker” in 1949. In 1961 he defended thesis for Doctor’s degree and got scientific name of professor, was honoured with the name of “Honoured scientific worker”. In connection with education and scientific works several times he was in Ruminia, German Democratic Republic .

For a long time he had been a member of dissertation councils, scientific-technical sections, a scientific secretary of Scientific Council of the Institute, a member of editorial board of the journal “Energetics bulletin” published in the USSR, Central Election Commission of the Republic, and Chief editorial board of Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia.

He was awarded with a number of medals.

He published more than 200 scientific works.

K.N. Guluzade died in 1979.

11. Academician Tofig Aliyev was the rector of ASOA in 1989 – 1992.

Tofig Mammad Aliyev was born in Gandja in 1928. He finished secondary school № 4 in Gandja in 1945 with a gold medal and at the same year entered energetics faculty of Azerbaijan İndustry İnstitute. İn 1951 graduating from this faculty he got the speciality of engineer-electrician. In June 1963 he defended thesis for Doctor’s degree.

Since June 1988 he had been appointed to the position of a deputy-rector on scientific works and since December of this year he had become the rector and worked till 1993. He was the chairman of Scientific-Technical Society of Device industry of Azerbaijan, Sumqayit People’s Deputy Council and twice was the Laureate of state Prises of the USSR (1969-1983) and Azerbaijan SSR (1974) and was favoured with the tille of Honorary scientific and technical worker (1991) and awarded with order.

Academician T.M. Aliyev presented Azerbaijan science in scientific forums held in foreign countries. He was the author of 227 scientific papers, 213 inventions, 40 monografies, textbooks and training aids. Under his supervision 5 scientific doctors, 38 Ph.D.-s were prepared .

12. In 1993-1997-s professor Parviz Mammadov was apponted the rector of ASOA.

Head of “Geophysics” department of ASOA, the scientist in the field of oil geophysics, the corresponding-member of ANAS, Doctor in geologico-minerological sciences Parviz Ziya Mammadov was born in Baku in 1937. After graduating from Baku secondary school with a medal in 1954 he entered Azerbaijan Industry Institute on the speciality of geophysics. In 1959 he graduated the speciality of engineer-geophysics with honours diploma. In 1959-1968-s he worked as a technician, engineer and scientific worker in Azerbaijan branch of All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Geophysics.

In 1967 he defended thesis for Ph.D. and in 1991 thesis for Doctor’s degree.

Since 1968 P.Z. Mammadov has been working in “Geophysics” department as an assistant-professor, professor since 1991 he head of the department, vice-rector on scientific works (1992-1993) and the rector (1993-1997). In 1972-76-s P.Z. Mammadov worked in Algeria Oil Institute and was a chairman of training methodical council.

Together with pedagogical activity he was engaged in scientific-theoretical and methodical problems of oil-gas fields exploration and interpretation of seismic information in compound folding fields of South Caspian Megabasin. In 1996 he was elected a corresponding-member of International Engineers Academy and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

Since 1994 P.Z. Mammadov is a member of International Geophysics Society, American Association of oilmen-geologists and European Geophysics Engineers Association. He is the author of more than 150 scientific works.

13. In June 1997 by the President’s order professor Siyavush Garayev was appointed the rector.

14. Since September 2015 by the President’s order professor Mustafa Babanli has been appointed the rector.