Babanli Mustafa Baba was born on 21 February, 1968. In 1983 he left Baku physico-mathematical secondary school №1. At the same year he entered Kiyev Technical University (former KPI), engineering-physics faculty, the speciality of physics of metals.

In 1989 after graduating from Ukraine National Technical University, the speciality of “Physics of metals” with honoured diploma, a young specialist Mustafa Babanli began his activity as an engineer-technologist in the design department of the plant “Crystal” of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

In 1990-1992 he continued his education as a post-graduate of the Institute of Physics of metals at the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences and in 1993 he defended Ph.D. thesis on the speciality 01.04.07 – “Physics of solid bodies” on the theme “Phase transfers in super speed cooled Ti Ni Cu alloys”, and got the degree of Ph.D. in Physico-Mathematical Sciences.

Since 1996 M. Babanli has worked at the department of “Metallurgy and metals science” of Azerbaijan Technical University. He worked first as an assistant from 20 of to 2010 in the position of 04.11.2010 he was appointed to the position of vise-rector on International Relations. On 29.12.2010 he was chosen a professor of the department of “Metallurgy and metals science” through concours.

He supervised graduate works at bachelor and master stages, deliver lectures. At present he is the scientific consultant of one thesis for doctor of technical sciences and a supervisor of four Ph.D. theses.

Since 1994 he has been closely collaborating with Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of “Physics of metals” (Kiyev), France Higher School of Chemistry (Paris, France), France Center of Scientific Investigations (Vitri, France), Balear Islands University (Palma de Malyorka, Spain), Frayberg Mining Academy – Technical University (Frayberg, Germany). As a result of this collaboration he supervised international scientific projects as “STCU-453” (1997-1999), “DNIPRO” (1992-2002), “Econet” (2002-2005), “STCU-3520” (2006-2009), “CNRS-ANAS” (2009-2010), “CNRS-ANAS” (2010-2011), “STCU-5078” (2010-2011) and “STCU-5595” (2012-2013).

On 27.02.2008 he defended thesis for Doctor’s degree on technical sciences at Thesis Council of Azerbaijan Technical University and got scientific degree of Doctor of technical sciences on “Materials science” on 23.01.2009. His scientific work length is 22, but pedagogical length is 17 years. His scientific direction is Physics of metals; Materials science.

Directions of his scientific works:

· Directions of massive amorf alloys;

· Development of alloys;

· Development of materials with new technologies;

· Development of nanostructural alloys;

He published 138 scientific and scientific-methodical works. After the defence he published 58 scientific and scientific-methodical works including 2 patents, 20 materials of international and republic scientific-technical conferences, one textbook, two manuals, 1 monography and 3 discipline programs.