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Name and SurnamePosition
Zulfuqar IbrahimliHead of Office
Nargiz Asgarova Senior Inspector 
Avazova Suqrə Inspector 


Job description of the Head of Office 


Plans the admission to Ph.D. for the doctor of philosophy and sciences programs and implements the recruitment process. Supervises sending of dissertation topics of Ph.D. students and candidates to Coordinating Councils and their approval. Organizes the training of Ph.D. students and candidates, controls their attestation and work for the individual work plan. Organizes minimum examinations for doctors of philosophy. Supervises submission of reports on the activities of the Ph.D. Office to the required bodies. 


The Head of Office has to know.


  • to keep intercourse with doctoral candidates and candidates for a degree;
  • pedagogy, psychology, scientific documents and documents connected with training of scientific-pedagogical staff.


Head of the Ph.D. Office


Candidate of economic sciences (Ph.D.), Associate Professor Zulfuqar Ibrahimli


Ibrahimli Zulfuqar Huseyn graduated from high school in Baku, Faculty of Industrial Economics and Management at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Faculty of Law at Baku State University. In 2002, he defended his dissertation in the speciality 08.00.05 "Economics and management of the national economy" and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. He is currently a doctoral student at the UNEC Doctor of Science Program. Her scientific work experience is 28 years, as well as her pedagogical work experience is 26 years.


The scientific direction she engaged in


  • Decision-making in the condition of uncertainty;
  • Fuzzy logic and neural networks;
  • Imperfect information processing;
  • Evolution calculation algorithms;
  • Fuzzy multicriteria optimization;
  • Z number theory (Zade). 


Gardashova has 55 academic and scientific-methodical works. The number of her works printed in international journals and conference proceedings is 15, the number of textbooks is 2, the number of subject programs is 9. 


The study at the Ph.D. level of higher education at ASOIU is implemented for the programs of doctor of philosophy and doctor of science


The staff training for Ph.D. is conducted on the following qualifications


1202.01Analysis and functional analysis
1203.01Computer sciences  
1211.01Differential equations 
2002.01Mechanics of deformed solid 
2004.01Dynamics, firmness of machines, devices and apparatus 


2301.01Analytical chemistry 
2303.01Non-organic chemistry 
2304.01Macromolecular chemistry
2306.01Organ chemistry 
2307.01Physical chemistry 
2314.01Petroleum chemistry
2316.01Chemical kinetics and catalyze  
2318.01Chemistry and technology of composite materials 
2391.01Ecological chemistry


2426.01Ecology (on corresponding fields of science)


2220.01Semiconductor physics


Earth Sciences 
2507.01Geophysics, geophysical search methods of minerals 
2512.01General and regional geology
2518.01 Hydrogeology 
2519.01 Engineering geology and rock studies 
2521.01 Geology of oil and gas deposits, search and exploration 
2523.01 The technology of drilling wells
2525.01 Processing and exploitation of oil and gas deposits
2526.01 The technology of processing of sea mineral deposits


Technical Sciences
3303.01Chemistry technology and engineering 
3306.01Electrotechnology, electrical engineering 
3311.02The control devices and methods for the natural environment, substances, materials and goods 
3312.01Materials technology 
3313.01Machinery technology 
3313.02Machines, equipment and processes 
3315.01Metallurgy technology   
3331.01Robots, mechatronics, and robot engineering systems 
3335.01Theoretical electrotechnology  
3337.01Information – measuring and management systems (for fields) 
3338.01Systematic analysis, management and information processing (for fields) – technique, mathematics 
3340.01Electrotechnical systems and complexes 
3341.01Power stations (electrical unit) and energetic electron systems 
3342.01Industrial heating energetics 
3342.02Heat Power stations (heating unit) 
3343.01Theoretical principles of heating technique 
3344.01The technique of high voltages 
3354.01Construction and commissioning of oil-gas pipelines, bases and stores 
3361.01Solid electronics, radio-electronic components, micro and nanoelectronics 


Economic Sciences
5304.01Economic activity types 
5312.01Field economy 
5310.01World economy 
5311.01Organization and management of enterprises 



Filologiya elmləri 
5701.01Tətbiqi dilçilik



You can obtain detailed information on doctoral education in the memory book of the doctoral candidate.   


There is an information search system in the department of doctoral candidacy. At present, the total number of doctoral candidates and candidates for a degree for the programs of philosophy and doctor of sciences is 290 persons (as well as 225 persons on the program of philosophy: 99– doctoral candidates, 126– candidates for a degree, 65 persons on the program of doctor of sciences: 37 – candidates for a degree, 28 – doctoral candidate). 

Over the past three years, 42 people have received their Ph.D., 15 persons passed the initial discussion of dissertation thesis for getting the degree of doctor of philosophy and five persons the degree of doctor of sciences and recommended for main defence. Their scientific publications meet the requirements of HCC (higher certification commission), and their dissertations were checked in the anti-plagiarism system.


Guide for Ph.D. students: ADNSU-DYK.pdf


List of specializations for entrance to the 2020/2021 Doctoral Program: Specialties, Programs, questions (PDF).


Postgraduate Admission Program and questions in Philosophy: Felsefe-QİPS.pdf, suallarsuallar(rus)


Postgraduate Admission Programs and exam questions on specializations: Program and exam questions of minimum qualifications required for postgraduate  admission on Foreign Languages: XD-MİPS.pdf