According to the decision made by Azerbaijan CP CC in 1926, at the base of Polytechnic University (nowadays ASOIU), the “Postgraduate Study” (nowadays Doctorate) department was established. Therefore, at time the University created the foundation to provide itself with scientific-pedagogical personnel. 


The work at this foundation started with the admission of 12 postgraduates (now doctorates) in the 1928/1929 academic year. These postgraduates were M. M. Salamzadeh, E. A. Orujaliyev, Y. I. Mammadzadeh, A. A. Spirin, A. D. Mustafayev,   S. Y. Litfinov, A. M. Mammadov, Z. I. Kazimzadeh, M. A. Qashai, C. Juvarli, Y. F. Glazov and H. M. Shahmaliyev. Despite the difficulties of early years, all scientists and experts were attracted to the directory of “Postgraduate Study” from countries of the former USSR. The list of the first  supervisors of scientific included professors and associate professors such as A.Z. Vazirzadeh, N.B. Shakhtakhtinskaya, I. G. Yesman, P. I. Kuznetsov, K. A. Krassuskoi, S. N. Usatov, M. E. Afandiyev, M. V. Abramovich, B. B. Komarovskiy, N. I. Qershenqoru.   


If the number of the postgraduate students at “Postgraduate Study” was 29 in 1937, by 1938 this number was 40 (including 27 azerbaijanis), by 1939 it was 79, and by 1940 it was 83 (including 48 azerbaijanis). If by 1931 the number of postgraduate women was 9, by 1939 it was 13. 


Already in 1935/36 the candidate of science (nowadays PhD) dissertation was defended by some postgraduates: A. Mustafayev, S. Azizbayov, O. Geyman, Z. Kazimzadeh, R. Abramovich, A. Mammadova and S. Abdulrashidov. 


Despite being temporarely closed during the momentous 1941-1942 period, the “Postgraduate Study” department gradually, but confidently, began to revive since 1943


In 1935-1960s the total number of defenders was 417, by 1970 the number reached 1312. Only during 1960-1970s period 48 foreign scientific personnel were trained.


By 1970 the “Postgraduate Study” department of Azerbaijan Oil-Chemistry Institute, passing the admittance of 46 specialities, was keeping tight connections with the Oil-Chemistry industry universities of the cities as Moscow and Grozny. Among the graduates of “Postgraduate Study” preparing scientific-pedagogical experts in specialities as: theoretical mechanics; inorganic, organic and physical chemistry; high molecular compounds chemistry; petrochemicals and synthesis; geology and prospecting of oil and gas fields; geophysical and prospecting methods of minerals; automation of production processes; electrical equipment; electric network and systems; device and apparatus of automation and telemechanics; machine-building technology; equipment of machinery and oil and gas fields; high voltage equipment; gas and fuel chemistry technology; development and exploitation of oil and gas condensate fields; industrial heat energy, etc. M. P. Quluzadeh, A. A. Yaqubov, A. M. Malik-Shahnezerov, S. A. Baqaturov, L. A. Qukhman, Z. I. Kazimzadeh, I. O.
Chimelzon, A. Z. Vezirzadeh, K. V. Pokrovskiy, A. X. Mirzajanzadeh, A. M. Mammadov, A. B. Plyush, S. Y. Litvinov, A. A. Spirin, E. A. Orujaliyev and S. M. Quliyev were famous scientists creating their own scientific schools.

Throughout these years, by preparing correspondence postgraduates, the professors of the institute gave great support to production. 


So, in 1980  the 36 out of 58 scientific doctors working in the institute and 359 out of 610 science candidates were trained by the “Postgraduate Study” department. At the same period, the personnel prepared by the university itself lead 40 out of 60 departments in AzII.


After gaining independence, during 1991-2000s period 29 scientific doctors in 7 faculties and 53 specialities in Oil Academy and nearly 200 science candidates, including 51 foreign citizens, were trained. 


In 2001-2005, the admittance for “Postgraduate Study” proceeded with 53 specialties, 5 Doctor of Science and 75 science candidates’ programmes dissertation papers were defended. 


The department named  “Doctorate and Postgraduate study” until 2002 June, was renamed to “Preparation of high-speciality science personnel” according to 0138/07 05 July 2002 decision. According to 04-635 № 09 December the name of the department was again changed, and since 2009 department has been named “Doctorate’.   


Over 2006-2015 period 19 Doctor of Science, 135 Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), scientific degree levels defended their dissertation works. The number of foreign doctorates during the 2000-2010 period was over 13. 


During 2016, 19 thesis defended and 24 thesis primarily submitted and presented to Qualified Dissertation Boards.