Program060602 Geological Engineering
Specialization060602.1 Geology of oil and gas fields
 060602.2Search and exploration of oil and gas fields
 060602.3Oil and gas mining geology
 060602.4Offshore oil and gas geology 


Program060603Hydrogeological Engineering
 060603.2Engineering geology
 060603.5Regional geology


Program060604Geophysical Engineering
Specialization060604.1Geophysical methods of search and exploration of oil and gas fields
 060604.2Oil mining geophysics
 060604.3Offshore oil and gas geophysics


Program060605Mining Engineering
Specialization060605.1Development of mineral deposits
 060605.2Mine and shaft development of oil fields
 060605.3Open-pit mining 
 060605.4Enrichment of mineral deposits 


Program060606Oil and Gas Engineering
Specialization060606.1Drilling of onshore oil and gas wells
 060606.2Drilling of offshore oil and gas wells
 060606.3Drilling of directional and horizontal oil and gas wells 
 060606.4Technology of drilling fluids 
 060606.5Strengthening and completion of wells 
 060606.6Development of oil and gas fields
 060606.7Development of offshore oil and gas and gas condensate fields
 060606.8Increasing hydrocarbon extraction from layers
 060606.9Operation of oil and gas wells
 060606.10 Safety of technological processes and production in oil and gas industry


Program060607Oil and Gas Equipment Engineering
Specialization060607.1Reliability and technical diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines and storehouses 
 060607.2Sustainable technology of oil and gas transportation and storage
 060607.3Reliability and operational efficiency of offshore oil and gas installations 


Program060641Chemical Engineering
Specialization060641.1Technology of petrochemical synthesis
 060641.2 Production technology of inorganic substances
 060641.3Oil processing technology
 060641.4Oil and gas chemistry
 060641.5Chemical technology of polymers
 060641.6Processing technology of processing of polymers and composites
 060641.7Cybernetics of petrochemical processes
 060641.8Processing technology of hydrocarbon gases
 060641.9 Mathematical modeling of petrochemical processes
 060641.10Chemistry and technology of basic organic synthesis
 060641.11Processes and equipment of chemical technology


Program060649Environmental Engineering
Specialization060649.1Conservation and recycling of natural resources
 060649.2Environmental protection in oil and chemistry
  Environment and oil industry


Program060651 Emergency Situations and Life Activity Safety 
Specialization060651.1Environment Engineering Protection (by areas)
 060651.2Safety of technological processes in emergencies


Program060601Materials Science 
Specialization060601.1 Materials science and materials technology
 060601.2Composite materials
 060601.3Tool materials
 060601.4Materials science, technology of nanomaterials and coatings 


Program060610Energy Machinery Building Engineering
Specialization060610.1Hydraulic systems of oil mining installations 


Program060625Technological Machinery and Equipment Engineering
Specialization060625.1Machinery and equipment of oil and gas production 
 060625.2Machinery and equipment of oil processing and chemical production
 060625.3Renovation of oil and gas production facilities


Program060630Mechanical Engineering
 060630.2 Dynamics and durability of oil mining equipment and special installations
 060630.3 Dynamics and durability of offshore oil and gas hydrotechnical installations
 060630.4Dynamics and durability of hoisting machines


Program060646Recycling and Recovery Technologies Engineering 
Specialization060646.1Recovery and increasing the strength of equipment 
 060646.2Processing technology of oil and gas mining equipment


Program060608Electric Power Engineering
Specialization060608Electric Power Engineering 
 060608.1Electrical part of power plants
 060608.2 Electrical networks and systems
 060608.3 Electric power supply (by areas)


Program060609Thermal Power Engineering
Specialization060609.1Thermal Power Plants (TPP)
 060609.2 Fuel and water technology in thermal power plants
 060609.3Industrial heat energy


Program060626Electrical Engineering
Specialization060626.1Electrical equipment 
 060626.2Modeling and research methods of processes in electromechanical transformation of energy
 060626.3Automation and electric drive of industrial installations and technological complexes
 060626.4Automated electrotechnological installations and systems
 060626.5 High voltage technique and physics
 060626.6General theory of electromechanical transformation of energy


Program060624Instrument Engineering
Specialization060624.1 Control and diagnostics systems of fuel and energy complexes
 060624.2Computer information and measuring technologies
 060624.3Devices and systems of import-export control


Program060627Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
Specialization060627.1Electronics and automation
 060627.2Control and diagnostics systems in fuel and energy complexes
 060627.3 Electronic devices and installations 


Program060628Process Automation Engineering
Specialization Energy Management


Program060629Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
 060629.2Robots and robotics systems
 060629.3 Computer-integrated manufacturing


Program060631Computer Engineering
Specialization060631.1Computer Engineering
 060631.2Knowledge acquisition systems
 060631.3Automation and computer-integrated technologies


Program060632Information Technology and Systems Engineering
Specialization060632.1Information systems in management
 060632.2Application software
 060632.3 Information technology in oil, petrochemical and chemical industries


Program060647Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering
Specialization060647.1Metrology and metrological provision
 060647.2 Standardization and certification (by areas)
 060647.3Quality control, diagnostic procedures and systems


Program060648Biomedical Technology Engineering
Specialization060648.1Biotechnical and medical apparatus and systems
 060648.2 Engineering work in biological and medical practice
 060648.3Medical information systems


Program060401World Economy
Specialization060401.1International economic relations
 060401.2 International trade
 060401.3Customs affairs
 060401.4Foreign economic relations of Azerbaijan


Program060405Industrial Organization and Management
Specialization060405.1Economics and management of manufacturing and service sectors (by areas)
 060405.2Development of innovation strategy
 060405.3Economic evaluation of investments 


Specialization060407.1Management (by areas)
 060407.2Strategic management
 060407.3Personnel management


Specialization060408.1Marketing (by areas)


Program060409Business Management
Specialization060409.1Business organization and management
 060409.2Business administration


Program060509Computer Science
Specialization060509.1Information science
 060509.2Computer mathematics
 060509.3Mathematical and information support of economic activity
 060509.4Management information technology
 060509.5Computer simulation
 060509.6Intelligent systems
 060509.7 Information systems
 060509.8Economic information systems