Faculty of Geological Exploration 
Program code  Program name
050602Geological Engineering
050603 Hydrogeological Engineering
050604Geophysical Engineering
050605Mining Engineering


 Faculty of Oil and Gas Production 
Program code  Program name
050606 Oil and Gas Engineering
050607Oil and Gas Equipment Engineering
050651Geophysical Engineering
050605Emergency Situations and Life Activity Safety


 Faculty of Chemical Technology 
Program code  Program name
060641Chemical Engineering
050649Environmental Engineering
050651 Emergency Situations and Life Activity Safety Engineering


 Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering
Program code  Program name
050601Materials Engineering
050610Energy Machinery Building Engineering
050625Technological Machinery and Equipment Engineering
050630 Mechanical Engineering
050646Recycling and Recovery Technologies Engineering 


 Faculty of Power Engineering
Program code  Program name
050608Electric Power Engineering
050609Thermal Power Engineering
050626 Electrical Engineering


 Faculty of Information Technologies and Management
Program code  Program name
050509Computer Science
050624 Instrument Engineering
060627Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering
050628Process Automation Engineering
050628Process Automation Engineering (TEMPUS Program)
050629Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
050632 Information Technology and Systems Engineering
050631 Computer Engineering
050647Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering
050648 Biomedical Technology Engineering
050655Information Technologies
050656Systems Engineering


 Faculty of Economics and Management
Program code  Program name
050401World Economy
050405Thermal Power Engineering
050408 Marketing
050409Business Administration