Specialist training for Latin America countries is restored

In 20 October the delegation of one of America’s developed countries – Ecuador Republic under the leadership of minister of foreign affairs, trade and integration Ricardo Armando Patingo Aroca, visited Azerbaijan and held high-level meetings. Though the schedule of the visit was intense the guests didn’t forget to visit Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. 102 Ecuador boys and girls’ getting life certificates of this well-known education center of Azerbaijan in the near past explains this choice. Yanes Kintana Gido Rafael who defended thesis for Ph.D. under the leadership of the rector of ASOA academician Siyavush Garayev was among them.

After collapsing of the Soviet Union, unfortunately the specialist training for foreign countries reduced sharply in connection with the heavy situation in the republic . As a result of successfully carried out oil strategy the Republic’s latest high economic development strengthened the flow of foreign students to the educational institutions of Azerbaijan, especially Oil Academy. Long-term agreements on specialists training were made between oil profile education center and China and Vietnam were made Latin America countries are far from Azerbaijan and they are not involved into cooperation process there is an interest and demand for these relations.

This thought was confirmed by Ricardo Armando Patingo Aroka on 20 October during the meeting with the rector of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

The participant of the meeting, the embassador of Ecuador Republic in Russia, Patrisio Alberto Chaves Savada also told that his country gave the priority to ASOA in oil industry specialist training problem. At present together with the other oil profile specialities the great demand on oil processing speciality was especially mentioned.

Highly evaluating our specialists’ scientific potential the minister expressed his wish to invite ASOA’s leading scientists to Ecuador to consult the organizations on “Promotey” program frame and deliver lectures at the universities. Based on the institute’s big experience in staff training and honourable traditions the rector of ASOA, academician Siyavush Garayev expressed the readiness to help Latin America countries. The guests being acquainted with the museums, scientific and training laboratories and classrooms saw that the traditions of foreign students’ training continued. The talks of the minister with the students showed that our youth were ready to meet Ecuador colleges in Baku, get information about this far country and share the joy and difficulties of student’s life with them.