Technology of oil chemistry and industry ecology

Brief history of department “Oil-chemistry technology and industrial ecology”

Department  “Oil-chemistry technology and industrial ecology” have been created on base of “Engineering base of chemical technology”, “Chemistry and technology processing of oil and gas”, “Technology of organic substances and industrial ecology” departments, which functioned from 1920 year – creation of Institute. At these departments training of specialists have been conducted during many years by specialities “Oil technology”, “Oil chemistry” etc.

In different years highmentioned department have been leaded by academician R.H.İsmaylov,  prof. L.A.Qukhman, prof. K.Y.Adjamov, prof.A.M.Troqubov, prof. J.M.Volokh, prof. J.M.Baqaborov, prof. R.A.Lemberanski, prof. M.Q.Mamedli, prof. I.A.Shixiyev, prof.F.F.Muqanslinski, prof. N.A.Salimova, prof. R.I.Zeynalov, prof. Ch.Ch.Ibrahimov, prof.S.A.Mustafayev. From 2016 year chief of department is doctor of technical science Hasanov A.A.

At the department a scientific-research work have been conducted by the following directions,  use of Azerbaijan combustible shales as alternative fuel, receiving of oil acids from petroleum, rational utilization of the refinery and oil-chemistry wastes, method calculation of technological processes and apparatuses and its optimal desingning; production of fuel from gases of refinery.

At the department 47 collaborator are working, including 5 professor, 1 doctor of technical sciens, 1 doctors of chemical science, 21 docents.

The list of employees of the department of “Oil-chemistry technology and industrial ecology”

  1. Hasanov Alekper Agasef                         docent                  t.s.
  2. İbrahimov Chingiz Shirin professor              c.s.
  3. Salimova Nigar Azizaga                          professor              t.s.
  4. Mustafayev Sabir Ali                               professor              c.s.
  5. Adjamov Keykavus Yusif                        professor               c.s.
  6. Yusubov Fachreddin Veli                       professor               t.s.
  7. Yusifzade Alina Alimovna docent                                         c.s.
  8. Akhundov Elkhan Akram docent                                          c.s.
  9. Mamedov Elbrus Alihuseyn docent                                      c.s.
  10. Mamedova Rena Iskandar                      docent                   c.s.
  11. Aliyev Soltan Askerali                               docent                   c.s.
  12. Mamedova Farida Mamed                      docent                   t.s.
  13. Qurbanov Azizaga Shıxı                          docent                    t.s.
  14. Huseynov Adıgozel Samidxan                docent                   t.s.
  15. Javadova Khadija Adil                             docent                    t.s.
  16. Quliyeva Afaq Najaf                                  docent                    t.s.
  17. Abdullayeva Maya Yadigar                      docent                    t.s.
  18. Atayev Matlab Shıxbala                            docent                    t.s.
  19. Shirinova Durdana Bakir                         docent                    t.s.
  20. Sultanova Gulnara Jamil                          docent                    c.s.
  21. Babayev Rauf Kamil                                  docent                     t.s.
  22. Mamedkhanova Sevinj Abdulkhamid   docent                     c.s.
  23. İbadova Sevinj Yadulla                              docent                    c.s.
  24. Dadayeva Gulshan Chingiz                     docent                      c.s.
  25. Huseynova Matanet Arif                         docent                      c.s.
  26. Aliyeva Narmina Tarlan                           docent                     t.s.
  27. Mamedova Nigar Aziz                              docent                     c.s.
  28. Chalafova İrada Arif                                  docent                    f.t.s.
  29. Qazvini Kamala Adil                                  assistent
  30. Mustafayeva Rena Eldar                           junior research worker
  31. Abbasova Ulviya Alesker                          junior research worker
  32. Bayramova Aygun Seymur                       engineer
  33. Baylarova Aygun Akram                           engineer
  34. Quliyeva Sevinj Nizami                             laboratory manager
  35. Hasanova Sabuna Muzayeddin               laboratory manager
  36. Farzaliyeva Leyla Beymammed               senior laborant
  37. Melikli Zemfira Elkhan                             senior laborant
  38. Kerimova Nigar Asif                                  senior laborant
  39. Jalilova Hamail Mansur                            senior laborant
  40. İbadova Reyhan Jumshud                        senior laborant
  41. Bayramova Ayten Ramiz                          senior laborant
  42. Chalabiyeva Nurana Nazim                      senior laborant
  43. Aliyeva Parvana Shahmurad                               laborant
  44. Mamedova Jamila Nadir                                     laborant
  45. Bagirova Lamiya Tagi                                          laborant
  46. Shukurova Leyla Almas                                       laborant
  47. Abdullayeva Sevinj Sadaget                                 laborant