ASOIU “Economics of energy and petrochemical fields and management”

Information about employees of the department

According to the decree No. 04-151 in 03.02.2016 ASOIU’s rector on the basis of “fuel and energy complex economy and management” and “oil refinery, petrochemical sectors economy and management” department was created the department of Economics and management in energy and petrochemical spheres”.

88 subjects, which 46 of them are selected for bachelor level, are taught in our department. Here were taught subjects like “Management of oil and gas industry”, “Organization and management of industry”, “Finance”, “Investments and innovation spheres in industry”, “Regulation of economy”, etc.

In the last 5 years the department carried out scientific researches in the field of economics and management, published 135 scientific articles, 10 textbooks and methodical books.

At the department at the levels of bachelor and  master training is conducted for students majoring in “Organization and management of industry”, “Marketing”, “Management”

Currently at the department has 38 employees. 2 professors; 1-0,5 state Professor, 14 associate professors; 1-0,5 state Professor part-time; 3  senior teachers; candidate of economic science senior teacher 1 -0.75 per state; 1-0,5 staff assistant; 3 assistants; phd., assistant – 2; 5 senior technicians and 4 technicians.



The head of department,professor                             G.S.Suleymanov