In order to provide the modern requirements in the performance of the educational process and scientific research work in February 2016 at the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry the Department “Electro mechanics” as a result of connection of two departments: “Electrical equipment and automation of industrial installations” and “Electro thermic equipment and high-voltage technology. ” Both departments have great merits in training of highly qualified specialists for our country has been established for the countries of the former Soviet Union and passed the following historical stages.


Department of “Electrical equipment and automation of industrial installations”.


In 1930 the department of “Applied Electrical Engineering” by guidance of professor S.N.Usatin has been founded. Then by on the basis of this department two departments. Las been established “Electrical machines” by the guidance of S.N.Usatina and “Electric  gears and the electrical equipment of industrial enterprises “under the guidance of professor B.M.Plyush. Active during the period from 1940 till 1953, both of the departments united again in the 1953 under the guidance of professor B.M.Plyush.

In connection with the increase in the need of engineers – electricians for enterprises, in 1962 the department of “Electric machines and apparatus” has been established by guidance of professor F.G.Guseynov. From 1969 till 1981, the head of the department was associate professor S.Ch.Osmanov, Then from 1981 till 2005 the head of the department was professor T.G.Kasimova. At the department conducted some scientific research works, such as: “Research of parameters and characteristics of electric machines”, “Research of processes in special electric machines with massive magnetic circuit” and “Design of special regulated electric machines” have been carried out.

In the period from 1963 till 2005 trained more than thousands of engineers in the specialty “Electrical machines and devices”. By collaborators of the department were produced numerous textbooks, manuals and monographs. Four collaborators have maintained doctor and 10 master’s thesis. At the department were prepared and defended more than 20 dissertations. During this term more than 300 articles have been published and 100 reports were presented at scientific conferences.

Founded in 1938, the department of “Electric gear and automation of the industrial enterprises” from 1938 till 1981 guided by professor B.M.Plyush.  From 1981 till 1988, the department was guided by assistant professor I.A.Aliev, and during the period from1988 till 2016 – by professor E.M.Farhadzade. During this term, more than 4,000 engineers have been trained at the department.

At the department works in the directions “Economic efficiency and increasing of the stability of synchronous electro machines”, “Optimization of the mode of operation of oil and gas production installations” were carried out.

Collaborators of the department had produced numerous educational and methodical works and textbooks have been published more than 600 articles in scientific journals, 65 inventions developed. At the department had defended 30 candidate dissertations and 15 graduates of the department defended their doctor dissertation.

In 2005, the department of “Electric machines and electric devices” and the department of “Electric drive and automation of industrial enterprises” united under the name “Electrical equipment and automation of industrial enterprises” and led by the professor E.M.Farhadzade.


Department  of “Electrothermal installations and high-voltage equipment


Department of “Electrothermal installations and equipment high voltage” were established in 1996 and  was guided by  appointed associate professor M.M.Salam-zade.

The head of the department during the period from 1978 till 2016 was professor A.M.Kuliev.

The department is the only which train the personnel in specialties “Electrotecnology installations and systems” and “High voltage equipment and electrophisics” among the countries in the Caucasus. For a long term, academic Ch.M.Dzhuvarly and academic A.M.Gashimov were engaged at the department in scientific-pedagogical activity and had the essential merit for training engineers and highly qualified specialists. The department has close relationship with the laboratory of “High voltage engineering and physics” of Physics Department of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, and held joined research projects. Highly qualified staff of the laboratory was involved   on the educational processes of the department.

Scientific work at the department are held in the direction of “Study mode of electrotechnological systems and processes in their high voltage supply network” and” A study of high-voltage installations, elektrotecnological systems and materials used in them.”

The staff and post graduates of the department maintained many dissertations on Philosophy Doctor and Doctor of Science degrees.

The collaborators of the staff of the department had produced numerous educational and methodological and manuals have been published and over a hundred articles in scientific journals and took part with the reports in the scientific and technical conferences.

From February of 2016 the department of «Electrical equipment and automation of industrial enterprises” and the department of “Electrothermal installations and high-voltage engineering” are joined  in new “Electromechanics” department. Now the department continues its activities. Now head of the department is associate professor E.N.Ahmedov. At the present time the department trains bachelors and masters in “Electrical engineering” and highly qualified scientific personnel.