Heat energetics

A summary of the department “Heat and power engineering” and the research laboratory “Using sea water and sewage in the industry” for a given department of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry 

Training of engineers in the field of power system started in Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry in the 20-ies. Since 1992, at various periods of the University functioned several departments of the thermal profile. Including “Theoretical basics of heat” ( Head of the Department prof. A.M.Mamedov, prof. T.S.Ahundov) “Steam gas turbines and CHP” (Head. Prof. A.A.Orudzhaliyev, prof. F.I.Kalbaliyev), “Industrial power and water technology” (Head of the Department prof. I.Z.Makinskiy, prof. K.M.Abdullayev).

In 2005, by combining the three departments of thermal power profile was created department “Heat and power engineering”. The department is located in the third building on the University of Nizami street, 186. The head of the chair was elected Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor K.M.Abdullayev, who heads it up to now.

In 1961, at the initiative of I.Z.Makinskiy at the department was created problem (now science-research) laboratory “Use seawater in the industry.” Later, taking into account new scientific field laboratory has been renamed to “Marine and wastewater industry.”

Currently, the department conducted training bachelors and masters. Bachelors on a specialty “Heat power engineer” and Masters in three specialties: “Thermal power plants”, “Technology of fuel and water to the power station” and “Industrial power system”. To this end, classes on 42 disciplines, including “Boiler units of thermal power plants”, “Theoretical basics of heat”, “Technology of water treatment and water supply TPP”, “Heat supply and heat networks”, “Water regime of thermal power plants”, and others.

The department has 13 teachers, including 3 professors and 10 associate professors. From the staff of the department in almost all major disciplines are published in the Azerbaijani language textbooks.

The first scientific director of the laboratory was invented by professor I.Z.Makinskiy very progressive for that period thermochemical method softening seawater and two power plants introduced industrial installations. During this period, it was put forward some original ideas in the field of desalination of sea water and its complex processing.

Later, a disciple of professor I.Z.Makinskiy,  professor K.M.Abdullayev led by a team were implemented several research projects and obtained important scientific results on topics covering issues such as the creation of large-scale desalination systems by working TPP open loop and direct supply drum boilers deeply softened seawater; complex processing of sea water; treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater in industrial power system, etc. At the same time these works in a research laboratory were obtained important scientific results on the study of thermal properties of various solutions in a wide range of temperature and pressure (density, thermal conductivity, dynamic viscosity, etc.). As well as the intensification of heat exchange processes, and improve the reliability of thermal installations.

Currently the problem laboratory conducts scientific research in two areas:

– Development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies for desalination of sea and brackish water;

– Increasing the reliability and efficiency of thermal power plants.

During the period of the department prepared 10 doctors and more than 80 candidates. Including after 1972 5 doctors and 50 candidates of sciences. Employees of the department and research laboratory received more than 50 copyright certificates, published more than 1,000 articles and over 20 books and monographs, including Britain and Russia (Moscow).

Considering the effectiveness of the department and at the research laboratory teaching and research work of Professor K.M.Abdullayev awarded the title of Honoured Scientist of the Azerbaijan Republic. He was elected member of the International and the Georgian National Energy Academy, was awarded the Medal of Honor, and medals M.V.Lomonosov and Y.M.Mamedalieva, won the competition held in the United “Key of science”, elected a member of the editorial board of the journal “Chemistry and Technology of Water ” Ukraine Academy.

Head of the Department

c.t.s., assistant of professor                                            Sevindj Babayeva

«Department of Heat Energetics» of Azerbaijan State  Oil and Industry University List of Employees 

Professorial – Teaching Staff


Surname, Name, Patronymic Position
1 Babayeva Sevindj Shulan Occupant of the chairhttps://azerdict.com/english/occupant-of-the-chair

Head of department, assistant of professor |

2 Abdullayev Kamal Mehman dr.of tech.scien., professor
3 Isayev Hidayat Isa dr.of tech.scien., professor
4 Agamaliyev Mukhtar Mammad dr.of tech.scien., professor
5 Djabiyev Yusif Abdulla cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
6 Mammadbayova Rahila Hasan cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
7 Mammadova Djamala Pasha cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
8 Huseynov Avgust Garib cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
9 Imanova Malakhat Vali cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
10 Abdullayeva Gulshan Kamal cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
11 Nasirov Shukur Nariman cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
12 Rahimov Fakhraddin Aydin cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor
13 Babayev Ata Manaf cand.of techn.scien., assistant of professor

Supporting  Staff

Surname, Name, Patronymic Position
1 Rahimova Tarana Adil Head of the laboratory
2 Shukurova Sevindj Alovsat Head of the laboratory assistant
3 Samadova Laman Zakir Head of the laboratory assistant
4 Karimova Rashida Karim Head of the laboratory assistant
5 Aliyeva Ilaha Atababa Laboratory assistant
6 Mammadova Gulnar Khammad Laboratory assistant

 Employees of Scientific – research Laboratory

Surname, Name, Patronymic Position
1 Mammadov Firudin Khalil Senior of scientist
2 Aliyeva Olga Olegovna Senior of scientist
3 Ahmadova Djahan Arif Assistant of scientist
4 Mammadovа Amaliya Maksim Lead Engineer
5 Zulfugarova Khatira Mirzababa Engineer
6 Aliyeva Saina Djabrailovna Scientist