İnformation technologies and Control faculty

Control and systems engineering

Computer engineering

Instrument-making engineering

General and applied mathematics


“Information Technologies and Control” Faculty

“The Information Technologies and Control” Faculty is based on the “Automation of  Production Processes” department which was founded in 1961. The establishment of this faculty was a historical necessity allowing to come into being the technical faculties development and control in the field of Power Engineering, Oil-Gas and Oil-Chemistry. It should be noted the scientists’ and teachers’ names-the founders who made great contribution into the creation, prosperity and department development, namely, academicians I.A.Ibrahimov, T.A.Aliev, Associates of ANAS  R.A.Aliyev, A.A.Abdullayev, S.Q.Karimov, and professors I.A.Nabiyev, N.H.Farzana, R.M.Mirsalimov, I.M.Abdullayev, I.R.Afandiyev and others.

The faculty dean’s position in different periods of time was occupied by lecturers I.A.Nabiyev  (1961-1963),  H.H.Samadov (1963-1979), R.A.Zeynalov (1979-1993), I.M.Abdullayev (1993-2003), T.A.Aliyev (2003-2011), R.N.Allahverdiyev (2011-2015) in turn, respectively.

In 2015  Samad Imamali oglu Yusifov was appointed a dean.

Originally  “The Automation Manufacturing Processes” faculty included such departments as “Control Measuring Devices”, ”Automation of Manufacturing Processes”, “Automatics and Telemechanics” on the base of which there were created three independent departments,such as “Automation of Manufacturing Processes”, ”Automatics, Telemechanics and Electronics”, ”Electric Measurements and Calculating Techniques”. Then on the bases of the existed departments there were created such departments as “Applied Mathematics”, ”Metrology,  Standards and Quality Management”, ”Automation Control Systems”, ”Computer Technology and Programming”, ”Biomedical Equipment”. The faculty also involves scientific research laboratories, such as “Automatin of Production and Technological Processes”, ”Local System Automation”, “Scientific Instrument Making”, and “Intelectual Control Systems”.

According to the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Rector’s Order of the 03.02.2016, the faculty of “Manufacturing Production Processes” was renamed to the faculty of “Information Technology and Control” (ITCF) and has been valid since 04.06.2016. On the basis of this order there were formed the following departments, namely, “The Control and System Engineering” combines two chairs, such as “Automation of Manufacturing Processes”and “Automatics, Telemechanics and  Electronics”;  on the basis of the departments “Automation Control Systems” and “Computer Technologies and Programming”  it was created the department, such as “Computer Engineering”; on the basis of the departments “Information Measurements and Computer Techniques”, ”Metrology, Standards and Quality Control” it was created “Instrument Making Engineering” deparetment; on the basis of the departments “Advanced Mathematics” and “Applied Mathematics” it was created “General and Applied Mathematics” department. In the faculty there are 130 members of teaching staff, including 8 professors, 86 assistant professors, 10 senior teachers, 26 assistants and 34 supporting personnel  in the  teaching process.
Nowadays there are __20__ PhD and __1__ candidates who are engaged in scientific research.

In the faculty 1869 students study for their Bachelor Degree (among them 1847 students are at the day-time departnemt,  and 22 students are at correspondence department).

At present there are the following departments at the faculty:
“Control and System Engineering” (the head of department is Associate Professor A.A.Alizada)

“Computer Engineering”(the head is Associate Professor L.M.Zeynalova)

“Instument Making Engineering”(the head  is Associate Professor R.E.Nabiyev)

“General and Applied Mathematics” (the head  is Professor A.R.Aliyev)

Since 2009, according to the introduction of credit system ATI in the faculty the training of  below-mentioned specialities on Bachelor Degree has been started:

050624-“Instrument Making Engineering”;

050627-“Electronics, Telecommunication and Radio-Techniques Engineering”;

050628-“Automation Processes Engineering”;

050628-“Automation Processes Engineering” (within Tempus Program);

050629-“Mechatronics and Robot-Techniques Engineering”;

050631-“Computer Engineering”;

050632- “Information Technologies and System Engineering”;

050647-“Metrology, Standards and Certification Engineering”;

050648-“Biomedical Engineering”,

and since 2016

050509-“Computer Sciences”;

050655 – “Information Technologies”;

050656 – “System Engineering”.

The traning and tuition of students are carried out in the Azerbaijan and  Russian languages.

For the 2016/2017 academic year the classes at the department are supposed  to be carried out  in English in accordance with the following specialities of Bachelor Degree:

050624-“Instrument Making Engineering”;

050628- “Automation Processes Engineering”;

050631-“Computer Engineering”;

050509-“Computer Sciences”.