Control and systems engineering

A brief history of “Control and Systems Engineering” Chair of the Faculty of Information Technology and Control

Chair “Control and Systems Engineering” was established  on the basis Chairs of “Automation, Remote Control and Electronics” (ARCE) and “Automation of production processes” (APP) according to order by the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry dated February 4, 2016.

Chair of “Automation, Remote Control and Electronics” was created in 1953. The Chair, the faculty which consists of 4 people, was head by Associate Professor Hashim Alizadeh. In the same year, respectively one and four groups of students the Faculty of Energy and Oil-mechanics faculty were transferred to the Chair of ARCE for education in a new specialty. In 1955 eleven graduates were defenced and were received an engineering diploma on the specialty “Automation, Remote Control and the electrical measuring instruments and devices”.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s due to the increasing demand for specialists in automation and remote control in various sectors of the economy, according to the Government decision at the Chair were attract additional groups of students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Geology and Exploration, as well as from oil-field faculty. In 1958/59 academic year the diplomas received already 298 graduates.

In different years the Chair was headed by prof. I.A.Nabiyev, prof. I.M.Abdullayev, prof. R.T.Gumbatov, prof. S.I.Yusifov.

History of the Chair “Automation of production processes” dates back to the 30s of the XX century with the training of specialists on the “Heating control and control devices” field at the Faculty of “Energy.” The second half of the 40s was created Chair “Measuring and control devices” and head of the Chair until 1955 was associate professor V.V.Bashilov. Later, the Chair was renamed into the APP. Since 1955, the Chair was headed by Academician I.A.Ibrahimov, since 1987 – professor I.R.Efendiyev.

Currently, the “Control and Systems Engineering” Chair trains specialists in Azerbaijani and Russian sector on the specialties of “Process Automation” and “Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering”.

1. Yusifov Salahaddin Imamali prof
2 Efendiyev İsrayıl Rustam prof.
3. Agayev Farid Hacı Associate professor, PhD
4. Zeynalov Razim Abdul Associate professor, PhD
5. Aliyev Arif Muxtar Associate professor, PhD
6. Aliyeva Latifa Abdulmabut Associate professor, PhD
7. Mayılov Rauf Arif Associate professor, PhD
8. Cafarov Sanan Famil Associate professor, PhD
9 Allahverdiyev Ramiz Nasib Associate professor, PhD
10. Mehdiyeva Almaz Mobil Associate professor, PhD
11. Isayeva Tarana Musa Associate professor, PhD
12. Quliyev Elkin Vidadi Associate professor, PhD
13. Axmerov Oliver Salahoviç Associate professor, PhD
14. Kerimov Cafar Kerim Associate professor, PhD
15. Malikov Elçin Adil Associate professor, PhD
16. Safarova Aygun Aqamirze Associate professor, PhD
17. Maharramova Tamella Mustafa Associate professor, PhD
18. Xanbutayeva Natavan Aqadayı Associate professor, PhD
19. Huseynov İsmayıl Avaz Associate professor, PhD
20. Baqırova Rafiqa Suleyman Senior teacher
21. Mirzayev Oqtay Malik ass.
22. Zeynalova Shahla Hamlet ass.
23. Xanmammadova Elmira Alasgar ass.
24. Sardarova Icabika Ziya Head of a laboratory
25. Zeynalova Tarana Nazim Head laboratory assistant
26. Kasamanskaya Azada İlham Head laboratory assistant
27. Abbasova Sara Aydın Head laboratory assistant
28. Huseynova Sabina Sarraf Head laboratory assistant
29 Zeynalova Ruxsara Rafiq Head laboratory assistant
30. Ahmadova Sevil Şahnazar Head laboratory assistant
31. Madatova Nargiz Roman Laboratory assistant