General and applied mathematics

History of General and Applied Mathematics Department

High Mathematics Department was founded at 1921. The first lecture at the day of opening of the Institute (2th January, 1921) was on High Mathematics course. 400 listeners attended the lecture, presented by engineer Samadbay Vakilov.

The first head of the Department was L.S.Leybenzon. The first staff of the Department included 4 people.

From 1923 N.N.Iolev was appointed as a head of the Department. In 1926 the Department was divided to the Analysis Department (headed by A.S.Kovanko) and the Geometry Department (headed by professor N.N.Iovlev).

In 1928 the Departments were combined back and been named as the High Mathematics Department. Professor A.M.Amosov headed the Department and led it till 1945.

In the period of 1945-1961 the Department was headed by Associate Professor M.A.Sheydayev, at the years of 1961-1969 by Associate Professor K.A.Nacafov, at the years of 1969-1995 by Professor R.H.Mammadov.

At 1991 the High Mathematics Department was divided into two parts: High Mathematics I (Professor R.H.Mammadov) and the High Mathematics II (Professor Y.Sh.Salimov).

In 1995 the High Mathematics I  Department was headed by Associate Professor C.A.Ismayılov.

From 1996 the Departments are combined again into the High Mathematics Department headed by Professor Y.S.Salimov till 2011. From September, 2011 to 3rd February, 2016 the Department was headed by Professor M.M.Sabzaliyev.

Many prominent scientists of the country had worked at the Department on different periods.  In academic staff of The Department were involved Academicians of The Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR Z.I.Y.A.Khalilov and I.I.Ibrahimov, Corresponding Members of The Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR M.A.Cavadov, Y.A.Amanzada and many others.

The period of 1962-1994 is mentioned as the period of high activity of the Department.  Over these years in addition to a course of High Mathematics the Department started taught the special courses in differential equations, functional analysis, complex and real variable functions theory, and operational calculus.

Two scientific seminars: “Spectral Theory of Differential Operators” and ” The Constructive Theory of Functions” operates at the Department since 1972.

For the last 10 years 13 textbooks, over 200 articles and methodical instructions in High Mathematics were published by academic staff of the Department. They are active participant of National and International conferences.

In 1972 the High Mathematics Department been divided and the High Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Departments were created.

The leading specialists in applied mathematicians from the Cybernetics Institute of Azerbaijan Academy of Science were involved to work in Applied Mathematics Department. They were trained in several leading scientific centers of the former Soviet Union, including Moscow, Kiev, and others.

The Applied Mathematics Department at the different periods been headed by A.A.Novruzov (1972-1977), M.H.Tahirov (1977-1982), V.Q.Pirmamadov (1982-1993), O.M.Manafli (1993-1995), B.B.Musayev (1995-1998), M.H.Bagirov (1998-2004). From June 2004 to November 2015, the Department been headed by Doctor of Mathematics, Professor, Corresponding Member of ANAS, K.R.Ayda-zade.

From the first years the Department began to prepare specialists in the field of computers, automation of production processes and programming due to necessities of national industry. From 1980 in connection with a new research methods in all fields of science and technology, specialists on mathematical modeling were required. The Department starts to teach “Mathematical modeling”, “Numerical methods” and begun preparation of experts in the field. In order to improve the quality of education, many leading specialists of the Institute of Cybernetics of Academy of Sciences like Professor J.E.Allahverdiyev, Professor J.A.Babayev, Associate Professor A.A.Shahbazov, O.F.Shirinov Associate Professor, Associate Professor H.M.Musayev and others were involved. Scientific and methodological seminar “Mathematical physics equations and numerical methods of solving of optimization problems” was organized.

For the attraction of more talented students to the applied mathematics field, “Young applied mathematician ” School was established.  Education of talented young people in this school was played an important role in their future specialty choice.

The researches in the field of oil and gas moving in underground layers, mathematical physics equations and numerical methods of solving the optimization problems of that time have been published in various scientific journals and were reported on the scientific conferences. A major contribution in the issues of the application of mathematical methods in the mechanics, attracting graduates in scientific studies and training academic staff of the Department made Academician Azad Kh. Mirzajanzada.

In 1990 in according with a new education system in the country, the Department created new syllabuses and began bachelor and master education programs.

Modern equipped computer classes been established and scientific researches on mathematical modeling were continued. On that period, the academic staff published dozens of textbooks and manuals in Mathematical modeling of processes in the oil and gas layers, Mathematical modeling and forecasting in economy, Economic and mathematical models and algorithms, Algorithms and programs on economic and mathematical models, The elements of combinatorial analysis and graph theory, Mathematical modeling in environmental problems, Mathematical modeling of dual faze filtration, Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Discrete mathematics, Theory of difference schemes , Mathematical physics, C / C ++ programming and etc.

Nowadays the graduates of Applied mathematics department on software development, mathematical modeling, numerical methods and other, are working in a different countries, including the Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, USA, Israel. They are involved in all activity fields of Azerbaijan.

More than fifty PhD, dozens of Doctors of physics, mathematics, and technical sciences are graduates of the Department.

Today bachelor’s on Mathematical modeling, Mathematical – economic methods in optimization theory, Informatics, Computer mathematics, and Mathematical and information support of economic activity are trained to master degree using the new education programs of the Department.

Academic staff of the Department regularly takes part in various scientific conferences, symposiums and congresses. Over the last 5 years 80 scientific papers have been published in foreign journals, 10 of them in Science Citation Index (SCI) journals type. Academic staff of the department been granted 4 times over the last 5 years. One of the grants was funded by EU INTAS program and three by the National Science Foundation near the President of Azerbaijan Republic.

For the last five years 4 people get PhD degree on mathematics and 2 became a doctor of technical sciences under research management of the Department staff.

The Department finalized the researches of some physical, technological and economic processes numerical modeling, and now carries out researches on the development of software and mathematical modeling of processes in oil production, economy and ecology.

The Department is in close cooperation with several international institutes and research centers. For example with French “Fresnel Institute on behalf of the individuals”, Turkish “Economic University”, Russian “Academy of Sciences’ Computing Center”, Ukrainian “Cybernetics Institute, Kazakhstan’s “Technical University “, Latvian “State University”, ANAS’ “Cybernetics Institute”.

Two employees of the Department were awarded with “Honored Teacher” of Azerbaijan title.

3rd February, 2016 the Higher Mathematics and Applied mathematics departments been combined under the name “General and Applied Mathematics”.

Currently, the Department staff list includes 2 professors, 32 associate professors, 4 senior teachers, 1 director of lab, 7 assistants and, 5 senior laboratory assistant.

General and Applied Mathematics Department academic staff


No Name and Surename


1 Araz Rafiq oglu Aliev Doctor of Mathematics, professor,

Head of Department

2 Mahir Mirzaxan oglu Sabzaliev Doctor of Mathematics, professor
3 Bilandar Cafar oglu Aliev PhD,assosiated professor
4 Tariyel Şamil oglu Azimov PhD,assosiated professor
5 Tofiq Macid oglu Rasulov PhD,assosiated professor
6 Sakina Habib qizi Samadova PhD,assosiated professor
7 Nuraddin Yasin oglu Mammadov PhD,assosiated professor
8 Gulshan Musa qizi Azimova PhD,assosiated professor
9 Valeh Abulfaz oglu İbrahimov PhD,assosiated professor
10 Masim Qasım oglu Dushdurov PhD,assosiated professor
11 Madat Hidayat oglu Hasanov PhD,assosiated professor
12 Alamdar Suleyman oglu Hasanov PhD,assosiated professor
13 Ruqiyya Qudrat gizi Azizova PhD,assosiated professor
14 Ali Mehdi oglu Musayev PhD,assosiated professor
15 İlhama Mahir gizi Sabzalieva PhD,assosiated professor
16 Alakbar Karim oglu Mehdiev PhD,assosiated professor
17 Chingiz Salakh oglu Huseynzada PhD,assosiated professor
18 Sardar Yusub oglu Gasımov PhD,assosiated professor
19 Saftar İlyas oglu Huseynov PhD,assosiated professor
20 Faig  Hasan oglu Hacıyev PhD,assosiated professor
21 Sevil Ogtay gizi Huseynzada PhD,assosiated professor
22 Xanlar Mehvali oglu Hamzayev Doctor of Technics, assosiated professor
23 Gasım Gurban oglu Gasımov PhD, assosiated professor
24 Vaqif Asad oglu Karimov PhD, assosiated professor
25 Aladdin Asad oglu Huseynov PhD, assosiated professor
26 Rashad Siraj oglu Mammadov PhD, assosiated professor
27 Afsar Xanlar oglu Salimov PhD, assosiated professor
28 Elnur Hasan oglu Xalilov PhD, assosiated professor
29 Vagif Maarif oglu Abdullaev PhD, assosiated professor
30 Mammad İbad oglu Seyidov PhD, assosiated professor
31 Vagif Mammadali oglu Mammadov PhD, assosiated professor
32 Nazifa Rza gizi Mammadova Assosiated professor
33 Farhad Zubeyir oglu Valiyev Senior teacher
34 Zohra Abbasali gizi Safarova Senior teacher
35 Vakil Hasan oglu Jafarli Senior teacher
36 Sevinj Rafig gizi Karimova Senior teacher
37 Mahsati Musa gizi Zeynalova Teacher
38 Zuleyxa Oruc gizi Azizova Asisstent
39 Farida Bahadur gizi Mikayilova Asisstent
40 Mahbuba Anvar gizi Karimova Asisstent
41 Yegana Aliheydar gizi Babayeva Asisstent
42 Yuliya Vasilyena Volkova Asisstent
43 Husniyya Tapdıq gizi Pashayeva Asisstent
44 Sabina Ogtay gizi Alieva Asisstent

General and Applied Mathematics Department aassisting staff

No Name and Surename Ocupation
1 Esmira Shahadat gizi Jafarova Head of Laboratory  
2 Rabia Yashar gizi Mehdieva Senior laboratory assistant  
3 Sevda Minbala gizi Mammadova Senior laboratory assistant  
4 Gulşan Alipasha gizi Azizova Senior laboratory assistant  
5 Laman Shahin gizi Hatamova Senior laboratory assistant  
6 Vafa Osman gizi Safarova Senior laboratory assistant