Azerbaijan language

              The Development History of Azerbaijan  language”  department     

   “Azerbaijan  language” department of Azerbaijan State  Oil and Industry University began its activity in 1927. H.Şahsuvarov was the first head of the department. Later  the following workers were appointed the head of the departments: A.Isgenderzadeh (1937-1944), M.Khelifezadeh (1944-1955), A.B.Beshirzadeh (1955-1959), F.M.Abdullaev(1959-1973), İ.G.Babaev (1977-1979), A.İ.Useinova (1979-1988). The outstanding pedagogues like  Alidjabbar Orudjaliev, Yusif  Vezir Chemenzeminli, Sultan Medjid Genizadeh worked and taught the Azerbaijan language.

In June 1988 the Scientific Council  of Azerbaijan State Oil and Chemistry Institute decided to set up the Azerbaijan language department. Department was divided into two parts: “Azerbaijan language” and “Russian language”. Associated- professor  I.G.Babaev  became the head of the Russian department by open competition.  Ph.D  E.A.Qasimova supervized the department “Russian Language”.

In 2003 Ph.D  A.R.Salahova was appointed the head of  the “Azerbaijan Language” department. In January 2013 the departments were joined and it was called “Azerbaijan and Russian” languages” department. Ph.D  A.R. Salahova  was eppouried  the head of this department.

After  adopting the state program by president I.Aliyev signed on May 24, 2012 on the development and proper usage of the linguistics according to the time  requirements  the Azerbaijan language began to be trained not only in the Azerbaijan section but also in the Russian section of all the departments  of the Academy as a new subject called “Azerbaijan language and comunication culturology”

From the beginning of 2013-2014  academic year the Russian language teachers began to work with the foreigners.

In 1998-1999  due to a two – staged academic  system a new subject “High school pedagogics ” was included to the education program.

Since 8 aprel 2016 assistant- professor A.M.Abbasov was selected the head of  “Azerbaijan language” department by competition.

At present, the collaborators of the department have issued 5 textbooks, 17 educational supplies, 5 monographs, over 100 academic – methodic works.

    List of the training staff  of the department:

  1. Abbasov Adalat Mahammadali, head of the department,   Ph.D assisstant -professor
  2. Salahova Aida Rza ,                                                                      ph. of
  3. Agaeva Afaq Ramiz .                                                                    ass.professor.
  4. Gozelova Safura Mamed .,                                                          senior instructor
  5. Imanova Suqra Sevindik .,                                                         senior instructor
  6. Orudjova Nadjiba Ali.,                                                                senior instructor
  7. Aliev Rafael Mail o.                                                                     teacher
  8. Abdullaeva Konul Tevekkul q.                                                  teacher
  9. Qasimova Sadaqat Nadir q.                                                       teacher
  10. Aslanova Ulker Heyder,                                                              teacher
  11. Nacafova Sevil Azer,                                                                    teacher

At the same time 3 laboratory-assisstant work here.

  1. Hasanova Ilaha Vagif,                              senior laboratory-assisstant
  2. Guliyeva Gulnar Zakara,                         senior laboratory-assisstant
  3. Aliyeva Izzat Ali,                                       laboratory-assisstant