Industry safety and labour protection


Founded in 1927 “Labour protection” faculty has a rich experience in the training of high specialized engineers for oil gas production, petrochemical and refining enterprises and carrying out significant scientific research works in these fields.

Professor G.I. Shibayev was the head of the department till 1967.

In 1967-68-s A.M.Nagiyev, in 1968-2000-s professor F.A. Shikhaliyeyev, in 2000-2003-s professor R.T. Aliyev, in 2003-2008-s assistant- professor A.Y.Isayev led the department.

Doctor in technical sciences, professor S.R. Rasulov is the head of the department since 2008. As a result of increase of teaching load the number of professor-teachers’ staff raised from 11 to 21 in 2000-2015.

Since 2010 “Labour protection” faculty is called “Industry safety and labour protection”.

Organization of the training.

At present training in the “Industry safety and labour protection” department is carried out on 32 disciplines. 17 teachers and 5 training subsidiary staff are engaged in this process.

21 of the disciplines are taught on bachelor and 11 disciplines – on master stages.

Since 2011 bachelor training has been began on the specialization “Safety of technological processes and production in oil-gas industry” – 060606 of “oil-gas engineering” speciality. The following disciplines are taught to the bachelors on the above-mentioned speciality: “Normative-technical maintenance base of safety”, “Technical safety in the installation and exploitation of oil-gas wells drilling equipment”, “Technical safety of oil-gas wells drilling technology”, “Technical safety of oil-gas wells exploitation”, “Technical safety in the installation of oil-gas wells exploitation equipment and operation”.

Since 2012 master training has been begun on the specialization 060606.10 “Safety of technological processes and production in oil-gas industry” of 060606 “oil-gas engineering” speciality in “Industry safety and labour protection” department.

The disciplines “Main directions of production processes safety”, “Technical safety in the organization and carrying out production processes”, “Properties of oil-gas extraction industry, technical safety sources”, “Technical safety in oil-gas extraction industry”, “Technical safety in exploitation and repair of production equipment”, “Fire safety in oil-gas industry”, “Safe exploitation of gas enterprises”, “Ergonomics and engineering psychology”, “Examination of work condition and workers’ attestation”, “Organization of insurance”, “Safety technics in oil gas wells lining”, “Technical safety in breakdown liquidation” are taught on this speciality.

On master stage of “Tempus” program “Properties of oil-gas industry and environment polluting sources” is taught by advanced teachers of the department.

It must be mentioned in former USSR there were a lot of training aids in Russian. But after gaining independence there was shortage in training aids on “Labour protection” based on latin graphics. To liquidate this shortage professor-teachers’ staff under the supervision of the head of the department, doctor in technical sciences, professor S.R. Rasulov published 5 monographers, 8 textbooks and training aids, 6 methodical aids, and  methodical instruction for carrying out laboratory works, and 29 programs for new disciplines.

The department authority usually controls discipline training. In 2008 all training and laboratory classrooms were repaired as a result of carried out repair – reconstructing works and provided with visual aids. Department collaborators’ working condition is satisfactory.

Projectors, DvD-s are installed  in the lecture halls. Electron diafilms on the trained themes are given to the students’ resposal. Special cameras are installed in the classrooms to control the training process.

Department staff’s professional level is always the focus of attention.

Development of scientific direction in the department.

“Industry safety and labour protection” department considering significance of safety technics and fire safety problems for leading industrial fields of the Republic, – oil-gas extracting, petrochemical and oil refining has been carried out scientific – research work during 15 years. In 2000-2005-s scientific– research work on the theme “Development of equipment and technology durable the influence of pyrophoric combinations in the working condition in gas processing enterprises and fields” was carried out and turned aver.

During 2006-2010-s experiments on research work “Teaching safety rules to engineering – technical workers of the oil-gas industry and development of norms and rules for knowledge checking” were carried out by the department.

The results of scientific researches carried out by the department professor-teachers’ staff were published in 58 scientific technical journals of the Republic and 83 scientific papers were published in the journals abroad. The department staff took part in 43 various conferences and symposiums.

In 2000-2015 the department teachers got 12 authorial certificates.

Collaborators of the department have creative contacts with various industrial and scientific – research enterprises.

New type drilling mud was made and applied by the department collaborators.

Head of “Industry safety and labour

protection” department, doctor in

technical sciences, professor:                                        Sakit Rasulov

The list of employees of the department of “INDUSTRY SAFETY AND LABOR PROTECTION” 

Name, Surname, father`s name Position Staff
1 Rasulov Sakit Rauf Head of Department, professor 0,5 st
2 Zeynalov Naib Eynal Professor 1,0 st
3 Rzayev Abbas Haydar Professor 0,5 st
4 Sadigov Aga Sahliyali  Docent 1,0 st
5 İsayev Ali Yahya Docent 1,0 st
6 Mahmudova Leyla Abdi Docent 1,5 st
7 Nazarova Gunel Fizuli  Docent 1,0 st
8 Huseynova Lala Vagif Docent 1,5 st
9 Asadov Abdulali Shahmali Docent 1,0 st
10 Allahverdiyev Zamaddin Sultanali Docent 1,0 st
11 Shahpalangova Bayim Şaban Docent 1,0 st
12 Sadigova Yegana Cafar  Docent 1,0 st
13 Bagirova Narqiz Nazim Docent 1,0 st
14 Shixiyev Nuhbaba Hacibala  Docent 1,0 st
15 İsmayilova Mehriban Mohsun  Docent 0,5 st
16 Rahimova Seadet Rahim Head teacher 1,0 st
17 Maharramova Matanat Huseyn Assistant 1,5 st
18 Mammadova Kifayat Uzeyir Assistant 1,0 st
19 Rahimova Seylan Nariman Assistant 1,0 st
20 Mustafayeva Gulshan Rasul Assistant 1,0 st
21 Axundova Solmaz Aliabbas Assistant 1,0 st
22 İsmayilova Latifa Arif Head of the Laboratory 1,0 st
23 Hacıyeva Lala Misir Head laboratory assistant 1,0 st
24 Mehdiyeva Gulara Shabala Head laboratory assistant 1,0 st
25 Eyvazova Saatxanim Heybatulla Master of teaching 1,0 st
26 Babayeva Hicran Oruc Laboratory assistant 1,0 st
27 Zarbaliyeva Sakina Surxay Laboratory assistant 1,0 st