Oil-gas transportation and storage

«Transport and oil and gas storage» department’s professor-teachers stuff and scientific collaborators carry out work intended to solve viscoeleastic properties diagnosis while reologic complex fluids and gaso liquid flows travel in pipelines, non-newtorian fluids and gas fluids systems pipeline transport reverse problem solution non isothermic flow of complex multiphase systems problems and there flows stable drives movement problems? dissipative structures formation conditions definition while complex geological fluids and gas fluids mixtures flow in the pipelines? oof-shore pipelines stability problems solution taking into consideration joint stimulation both out and inter disturbances, wide spectra pipeline transport problems synergetic methods development, gas fluid in communicative pipeline, systems optimization method, pipeline. Transport new principles development taking into consideration nonlinearity, fractality  and elastic viscous plasticity. Of tran sported fluids and gas oil pipes inner side cleaning methods by the help of viscoclastic ( separator) divider.

A number of department developments found wide use in real main and inter field pipelines in Azerbaijan Republic and in abroad.

Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry

“Oil and gas transportation and storage” department


  1. Miralamov Huseynbala Fazil oglu. – Chair, Professor
  2. İsmailov Qafar Qulamhüseyn oglu-0,5 professor
  3. Qurbanov Huseyn Ramazan oglu-dosent

4 Mustafayev Vahid  Tofig oglu  – dosent

  1. Mammadov Rafig Mammadali oglu – dosent
  2. Mammadov Cingiz Israfil oglu – dosent
    5. Ismailov Ramiz Alish oglu – dosent
    6. Mustafayev Alimustafa Mustafa oglu- dosent
    7. Alesgerov Gulbala Asad oglu – dosent
    8. Abdurrahimov Sahib Huseynbala oglu – dosent
  3. Imanova Gulara Israfil kızı – dosent
  4.  Mustafayev Nargis Seid – Rza kızı – dosent
    11. Hajiyeva Irada Yusif kızı – dosent
    12. Huseynov Tariel Abulfaz  oglu – dosent
    13. Aliakbarova  Govhar Aliakbar kızı  – a senior lecturer at 0.5.
    14. Asgarova Ruhiyya Israil kızı  – assistant.
    15. Bakhisev Zulfiyya Imamnazar kızı – assistant.
    16. Melikov Mahmudaga Aghahuseyn oglu – assistant.
    17. Atayeva Gunel  Arif  kızı- head of the laboratory.
    18. Asgarova Nazmiyye Ahmed kızı –  senior laboratory  assistant.
    19. Jafarova Ayten Eyvaz kızı – senior laboratory assistant.
    20. Qambarova Alla Nariman kızı- senior laboratory assistant.
    21. Agayeva Meleyke Agali  – laboratory.