The department of  “Mechanics” has begun its activity based on “Dynamics and strength of machines” and “Applied Mechanics” department since 04.02.2016 in connection with the structure change by ASOIU Scientific Councils order N01-1/54 from 24.02.2015.

Outstanding academician A.Kh.Mirzajanzade, academician R.A.Badalov, corresponding member of ANAS professor R.S.Gurbanov, honored scientist, professor Z.H.Kerimov, professors N.I.Yagubov, S.H.Babayev, A.G.Hasanov, S.A.Rajabov, A.F.Gasimov, and others worked at the department. At present professor O.M.Kerimov supervizes the department.

The professor – teacher’s staff of the department consists of 24 members: 3 professors, 15 assistant-professors and 6 assistants: subsidiary training staff consists  of 6 persons.

Bachelor and master training on 050630-“Mechanics Engineering” speciality is carried out at the department.

At the same time specialists for doctorate are trained at the department: 8 doctors are involved in scientific work.

Fundamental sciences forming the  basis  of mechanics including “Theoretical mechanics”, “Machine parts”, “Materials resistance”, “Automatized project systems”, “Oil field equipment “Engineering mathematics”, “Dynamics of machines and mechanisms”, “Dynamics and strength of oil-gas machines and equipment” and other engineering subjects are taught at the department.

Specialists trained on 050630-“Mechanics Engineering” work in various fields  including the fields:

  • Oil and gas production;
  • Scientific and pedagogical fields in higer -technical universities and other technical educational institutes;
  • Machine building and military fields;
  • Scientific-research institutions;
  • Various foreign firms;
  • Water economy and etc.

The department collaborates closely with “Azinmash” OJS, “Baku oil-field equipment” plant, “Azneft” P.A.

List of the collaborators of  “Mechanics” department

Scientific name, position Name, patronomic, surname E-mail
Head of the department, professor Omar Mahmud Kerimov  
Dr.t.s.professor Ramis Alish Hasanov  
Dr.t.s.professor Alesger Maharram Aliyev  
Ph.d Alesger Samed Gulgazli    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Rafig Ibrahim Jamalov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Irshad Khanhuseyn Ibrahimov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Mustafa Ismayil Mustafayev    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Tofig Yusif Agayev    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Solmaz Yolchu Agayeva    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Sabir Khalil Sadigov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Musa Ismayil Kazimov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Sakit Hasan Abbasov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Fariz Muzaffar Gafarov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Rafig Bayram Arabov    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Sevda Yagub Aliyeva    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Tahir Suleyman Suleymanov  
Ph.d, assistant-professor Amir Gochu Mustafayev    
Ph.d, assistant-professor Ahya Hasanbala Turabova    
Ph.d Yusif Ashraf Orujov    
assistant Rabiyya Mustafa Abishova    
assistant Gazala Sabir Kheyrabadi    
assistant Irada Murad Karimova    
assistant Vafa Bakhish Pashayeva    
assistant Elnara Nariman Salimova  

List of  subsidiary-training staff of  “Mechanics” department

NPS Position
1. Fazil  Khankishi Mammadov Head of the department
2. Aybeniz Mahammad Amirova Senior laboratory assistant
3. Farida Kamal Bayramova Senior laboratory assistant
4. Tila Mammad Gasimova Senior laboratory assistant
5. Saida Arif Musevi laboratory assistant
6. Turkan Heydar Gurbanova laboratory assistant