Oil-gas equipment


In the 30s of the last century due to the need to expand the scope of drilling and operations and improve the efficiency of operation of oil wells to oil industry it was tasked  on equipping oil regions of the Soviet Union with a new, advanced technology. on Front of designers and machine builders was set responsible task – to create on the basis of new technology equipment providing reconstruction technique of drilling and oil production. For the development of the oilfield equipment required qualified mechanical engineers. In this regard, in institute in February 1936 at the Mechanical Faculty was create one of the country’s first specific department of “Petroleum Engineering”, then renamed in  department of “Oil-mechanics, machinery and mechanisms” .

At the beginning the Department conducted classes, course and diploma projects on the course “Drilling machines and mechanisms” and “Machines and mechanisms for the exploitation of oil wells.” Since 1940 academic year “repair and assembly work” course was included among the Department of disciplines.

Apart from personnel training, the Department in those years spent most of scientific-research work, in the development of theory and methods of calculation of oilfield equipment and research work of this equipment in field conditions.

In the prewar years, under the leadership of R.I.Shischenko the department has developed hydrants-crystal-dynamometer for pumping unit. In the postwar years, under the leadership of Professor S.V.Yurkevskiy were completed research on the development of the theory of operation of reciprocating compressors, allowed to create the perfect design of high pressure compressors for the oil industry, and conducted research in the development of the theory of operation and the creation of advanced high bit resistance for rotary drilling, which greatly reduce the drilling of wells.

Doktor of Technical Sciences  K.A.Ibatulov                   Doktor of Technical Sciences  S.V. Yurkevsky

In the first years after the creation of the Department  there were three senior lecturer S.V.Yurkevsky and M.S.Skvirsky. In subsequent years, at the department there was a professor – K.A.Ibatulov, who headed the department until 1962, as an assistant professor began to conduct a teaching job such as A.G.Mamedzade, M.G.Agaev, A.D. Agayev V.G.Sharifov, R.A.Badalov, O.A.Orudzhev and others.

In 1962, at the department was set up specialized scientific research laboratory for the study of mobile drilling units, which in 1967 was renamed into specialized scientific research laboratory for the investigation of the oilfield mechanism. The Industry Laboratory engineering and technical personnel of the department, which included research assistants M.A.Vagidov, Z.E.Eyvazova, M.N.Bagirova, M.M.Gasanova, S.B.Bayramov, M.M.Dzhafarov , Sh.Kh. Parvana, T.N.Skorobogatova, S.M.Mamedova et al., At the highest technical level on the basis of economic contracts    were conducted
scientific research and design work on the creation and perfection  oilfield equipment such enterprises. as a machine-building factory “Baku worker”, a research and design institute of petroleum engineering design  AzINMASh, Ishimbay oil plant engineering and other heads of branch laboratories in different years were candidates of technical sciences: R.A. Ramazanov, M,M, Askerov, R.G. Amirov.

In the 70s and was organized by the sectoral  laboratory for the study of oilfield equipment engineering plant them. Lieutenant Schmidt.

After Professor K.A . Ibatulov department was headed by prof. S.V. Yurkevsky, prof. K.S. Aliverdizade, prof. Dzhanahmedov AH, associate professor Sharifov VG, prof. R.A, Abdullayev prof. V.I. Aliyev At present head of chair is prof. V.T.Mamedov

Prof. Karim Salim oglu Aliverdizade headed the department in 1974-1990-ies and form 1990 until the end of his life continued to work as a professor of the same department.

K.S.Aliverdizade in 1950 for the monograph “Radical restructuring of deep oil pumps” was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR. In 1954 he got the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, in 1963 – Doctor of Technical Sciences, in 1964 he was awarded the academic title of professor in 1981 became the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Azerbaijan.

Doktor of Technical Sciences  K.S.Aliverdizade               Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences prof. R.A.Badalov.

Experts know K.S. Aliverdizade as one of the founder equipment for exploitation wells downhole sucker rod pumping units and in particular the standard series of pumping units.

Over the 60 years of his life K.S.Aliverdizade devoted for a work on the development of science in the field of machinery and equipment of oil and gas industry as well as in teaching and educational area for the training of engineers and scientists.

K.S.Aliverdizade is the author of 3 monographs, 300 scientific articles and training manuals and about 100 inventions and innovations. “Balancing individual drives downhole installation” (1951), “Mechanics and technology long-stroke pumping mode problems” (1958.), “Drives sucker rod pumps” (1973): Among his works should be allocated as follows. He is also the co-author of the textbook “Calculation and design of equipment for the exploitation of oil wells” (1959).

These his scientific achievements are not lost their relevance today. Under his supervision 15 candidates.

During the leadership of the Department of prof. K.S. Aliverdizade educational laboratory of chair became replenished natural samples of oil field equipment. In particular, in the courtyard of teaching and administrative building, located on the street. D.Alieva, installed operating drilling rig with all the equipment, which served as a visual aid in the study of equipment for drilling of wells. At present due to the lack of a permanent maintenance service training drill rig needs regenerative repair.

During the leadership of prof. K.S. Aliverdizade periodically organized tours for students and teachers on the oil companies of the Republic, such as “Oil Rocks”, the 15-kilometer Saatli drilling complex, sea floating drilling rig and other. Also, the museum achievements of the department was created, which presented scientific works, inventions , monographs and textbooks of the department staff, the approximate degree works excellent students, montages of the excursions.

The level of the teaching staff of the department was so high that some of them were sent to foreign countries, such as Algeria, to the teaching according to our specialties, other authors of modern workings participated in exhibitions of international and of national importance.

During these years, the department increased the number of associate professors (L.I.Vechhayzer, M.A.Vagidov, Z.N.Levitsky, HJ Omar and al.), And the number of professors (A.H.Dzhanahmedov, A. A. Ibragimov), as well as a correspondent member. Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences prof. R.A.Badalov.

By the year 2000 the number of subjects taught increased. such disciplines have been added as “Repair and installation of oilfield equipment”, “Technology of marine fisheries”, “Fundamentals of Tribology”, “oil and gas field management technique”, “Compressor machinery and plant”, “Repair and restoration of wells”, “Calculation and construction of oil-field equipment “and others.

In 2002, due to the connection with the Department of “Machinery and equipment of chemical production” for a period until 2016, the Department was entitled  as “Technique production and processing of oil and gas.” The number of courses has increased, and at the undergraduate level and graduate level. Add such disciplines as “Pressure Washer”, “Plant equipment”, “Chemical Reactors” and others.

In 2016 the department was renamed in the ” Oil and gas equipment “. At present at the department work as a professor Doctor of Technical Science V.T.Mamedov and Doctor of Technical Science M.Y.Kerimov, and as assistant professor working G.A.Mamedov, D.N.Aslanov, Z.E.Eyvazova, S.D.Mustafaev, C.D.Murshudli, M.N.Bagirova, L.S .Gadzhieva, F.G.Bayramov, R.I.Ahundov and assistant S.A.Kasimova.

The professor-teacher staff of the department annually participates in state budgetary research work on the study of oil-field equipment, such as operating packers preventers, actuators downhole sucker rod pumps, wellhead equipment elements, etc.

Head of  the Department, prof.                            V.T.Mamedov