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A book authored by the Rector Mustafa Babanli is in the top ten of the most prestigious scientific publications in the world

The book "Fuzzy-logic based material selection and synthesis" authored by Rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), Professor Musafa Babanli, published by the world's most eminent international scientific publishing house "World Scientific" is in the top 10 among the books published in 2019 on Computer Sciences.

Notably, last year the research work carried out by the Rector, Professor M. Babanli on material science was summarized by "World Scientific" in his book "Fuzzy-logic based material selection and synthesis”. At the end of the year, it was included in the list of the top 10 books in the "Best of 2019" evaluation of scientific base of the World Scientific publishing.

The book covers the issues on application of fuzzy logic to material science founded by our prominent countryman Lutfi Zadeh. The first blessing for the book was also given by Lutfi Zadeh. Rector Mustafa Babanli have made innovation in the international arena for the first time by linking fuzzy logic with the material science among world scientists. The fundamental work touched upon the creation and application of fuzzy models for the selection of materials with given characteristic, especially shape-memory material under uncertain information condition. The book also analyzes a wide range of spectrum of the synthesis method of new materials and a new distinctive direction in this field of science have been offered. This scientific direction is the transition to the systematic analysis containing knowledge gained from costly, time consuming and tiring physical experiments in the world, mathematical models and computer calculations based on big data and new artificial intelligence technologies. The synergy of fuzzy logic and computational intellect being as an approach that provides the further development of material science and engineering is the base of this book. The book is a fundamentally new means for researchers, practitioners, university professors and students working in the field of material science and engineering as well as computer science.

Recall that, “World Scientific” Publishing is one of the world's leading academic publishers. Publishing book here does not depend on the scientist's personal will. Only the publishing house orders any scientist to write book in a certain scientific direction. The book "Fuzzy-logic based material selection and synthesis" is the only scientific research work in Azerbaijan published in this publishing. The link below is available for those who wish to get information about the book: