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Cooperation between ASOIU and BOS Shelf LLC expands students' internship opportunities

On March 10, at the invitation of BOS Shelf LLC, a business meeting was held between the rectors of several universities and the company's management at the Heydar Aliyev Baku Deepwater Jacket Factory. The event, organized by BOS Shelf LLC, was attended by the rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), Professor Mustafa Babanli and several collaborators of the university.

The students of the universities invited to the event are currently undertaking internship at BOS Shelf LLC. Thus, along with ASOIU, the event was attended by Azerbaijan Technical University and Khazar University.

Greeting the guests at the event, Director of BOS Shelf LLC Ikhtiyar Akhundov expressed his gratitude to  them for accepting the invitation. He noted that the company is currently implementing quite modern programs and trying to evaluate innovations in accordance with the requirements of the time. He underlined that it is very important to have qualified Azerbaijani personnel in our activities. That is why we appreciate cooperation with universities. As the number of Azerbaijani specialists increases, BOS Shelf LLC and other large companies will not apply for specialists abroad and will prefer local personnel.

In his speech, Ikhtiyar Akhundov also spoke about 10 students of ASOIU who are currently undertaking practical internships here, and said that they are educated and well-prepared young people. He noted that all conditions have been created at the company in order they and students from other universities to undertake  internship at a high level.

Making a speech, Rector of ASOIU, Professor Mustafa Babanli informed the attendees that the teaching and education at the university is organized in accordance with modern challenges and requirements of the time. He said that today the economy of our country is diverse and develops rapidly. Therefore, educational institutions must ensure the timely training of personnel needed for all sectors of the economy. Certainly, in order to train an educated specialist, a skilled engineer, not only basic education, but also mutual cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities must be established, and the student must own a full qualification, both theoretically and practically, until graduating from university.

In his speech Professor Mustafa Babanli noted that ASOIU collaborates with many companies and mastering theoretical knowledge of students as well as undertaking internship is of particular importance. During the training, students undertake practical, individual and year-long internship respectively which play a special role in their formation as specialists.

Then, Rector of Azerbaijan Technical University, Professor Vilayat Valiyev, Rector of Khazar University, Associate Professor Irada Khalilova in their speech noted that universities take a great responsibility in providing industrial enterprises with personnel and the importance of developing cooperation between companies and educational institutions.

At the end, Professor Mustafa Babanli talked to ASOIU's students undertaking internships at the company and wished them success in the internship process.