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ASOIU holds online meeting of Academic Board

The online meeting of the Academic Board of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University was held on March 31. The meeting was attended by 44 members of the Academic Board. Rector of ASOIU, Professor Mustafa Babanli firstly provided information about the issues on the agenda. Noting the first issue of the agenda- the importance of social solidarity in fighting with the global coronavirus pandemic, Rector M. Babanli stressed that the country's leadership and state structures have taken all necessary measures and the society must follow the quarantine regime to prevent the spread of the virus. Saying that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev allocated a social package to mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic on citizens and the economy, including entrepreneurs, in connection with the quarantine regime, Rector M.Babanli stressed that Fund to Support the Fight against Coronavirus  was established, hundreds of governmental and non-governmental organizations, ordinary citizens donated to the Fund, and ASOIU was not left out of this process. He said that  donating to the Fund with great enthusiasm by both legal entities and citizens is an example of social solidarity in Azerbaijani society. At the meeting of the Academic Board the importance of strict adherence to the quarantine regime and the instructions of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers was noted.

Noting that online education has already started at ASOIU from March 29, Rector M. Babanli gave recommendations on conducting educational work in connection with the importance of adherence to the requirements of the quarantine regime among students. Emphasizing the importance of the wide application of ONLINE lessons on the basis of the UNIBOOK E-education system of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry  University, Rector M. Babanli spoke about the technical and other issues that may arise. He added that a "hotline" has been established at the university to solve problems fast. Then the participants of the Academic Board discussed various issues mentioned as 5th point in the agenda of the meeting. The Academic Board decided to suspend the practical internship of fourth-year students of the university indefinitely in connection with the special quarantine regime applied to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the country and the #stayhome campaign launched in the country. In addition, ASOIU's Vice-Rector for

Vice-Rector for Administrative and Economic Affairs Khalilov Adilkhan Khalil oglu was dismissed at his own request due to his health, and Ahmadov Elbrus Jalal oglu, Head of the Operation and Maintenance Department of the University, was appointed as Vice-Rector for ASOIU's Administrative and Economic Affairs  for 3 months. The members of the Academic Board were informed about his appointment. Then the rector M. Babanli has interested in the situation of the students of the Azerbaijan French University undertaking internship in France. Vazeh Asgarov, Executive Director of the Azerbaijan-French University functioning under ASOIU, noted that teaching at UFAZ has been conducted online since March 23. Notingthat UFAZ students currently undertaking internship in France and studying within the framework of the Erasmus + program also continue their lessons online, he underlined that he regularly contacts with them and everything is fine. At the end of the meeting, Rector M. Babanli once again called the members of the Academic Board to adhere to the principles of social solidarity and students to the quarantine regime.