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The appeal of the ASOIU's rectorate in connection with the 11th anniversary of the April 30 terrorist attack

In connection with the 11th anniversary of the bloody terrorist attack perpetrated on April 30, 2009, the rectorate of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University commemorates the victims of the terrorist attack which led the death of 12 people and 13 wounded, express their deepest condolences to their families and relatives. The next stage of Armenian terrorism, which root dated back to the territorial claims of radical Armenian nationalists against Azerbaijan at the end of the 19th century and was against the statesmen of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in the early 20th century coincides with the beginning of the undeclared war against Azerbaijan in the late 1980s. The last wave of Armenian terror was characterized by the direct involvement and sequence of the Armenian special services and was aimed at creating mass panic during the occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and 7 surrounding regions. The terrorists, who chose railroad trains, passenger buses and cars as their main targets, committed against civilians far away from the areas where the military operations carried out.

As a result of the investigation in connection with the terrorist act committed on April 30, 2009 in ASOIU, it was confirmed that the massacre was committed by the order of the Armenian special services. The main feature that distinguishes this terrorist act from others was that it targeted the scientists and young people of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the future of the country. The teachers who died that day would pass their rich scientific and pedagogical potentials to thousands of young people. In order to protect their fellows, the young people who died when fighting with the armed terrorist would enrich the human capital of the republic. On that terrible day, not a single student girl injured - it was a demonstration of the national spirit, courage and bravery of our students who fell victim to terrorism.

It is several years that a bas-relief dedicated to the memory of the victims of the April 30 terrorist attack has been erected in the lobby of the second educational building of ASOIU. This bas-relief reminds the thousands of students who pass by it every day about the heroic chronicle written at this educational institution 11 years ago. This monument is a place of oath for thousands of students to study well and to be worthy children for the Motherland. Although the quarantine regime introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic this year did not allow to hold a large-scale commemoration event of the victims of the April 30 terrorist attack with the participation of family members, fellow students and teachers, the monument was visited today, their dear souls were remembered. As teachers, students and, finally, ordinary citizens, we must build our lives, education and work activity in a way to contribute to the stability of our homeland, its development and the welfare of our people. Only that time will we be able to fulfill our duties in memory of our teachers, colleagues and students who died 11 years ago. We once again express our deepest condolences to the families and relatives of the victims of the terrorist attack on April 30, 2009 and express that their dearest memory will remain in our hearts. Rest in peace!