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ASOIU holds the next online meeting of Academic Board

The next meeting of the Scientific Council of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (ASOIU) was held online on May 15.  Greeting the members of the Academic Board, ASOIU's Rector, Professor Mustafa Babanli firstly provided information about the agenda of the meeting. He spoke about the measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He also noted that due to timely and correct steps taken, the incidence of infection in our country has not reached dangerous levels, the situation is constantly monitored and quarantine regime is being eased.

Then, Rector M. Babanli spoke about the state of online education held at the university in the condition of quarantine announced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the rules of conducting semester exams, issuing diploma thesis, assessment of students' knowledge and other important issues on the agenda. He underlined that like in other areas the preventive measures were taken by the Operative Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers, important steps also were taken in the field of education to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Thus, teaching at ASOIU has been organized online and the university is preparing for online exams. Rector, Professor M. Babanli noted that if the quarantine rules will not be eased, all exams will be held online. Mustafa Babanli informed the members of the Academic Board that the results of the online education is satisfactory according to the questionnaires and statistics. He noted that since the application of the online teaching system at the university, 565 subjects have been taught and most of the students have been attended.

Emphasizing that students will be given certain discounts during the current semester exams, Rector Mustafa Babanli noted that the overall average achievement of students who will take the state exam will be marked as the final attestation for them. If the student does not agree with this, an exam will be arranged. At the master's level the defense of thesis will be held and for this purpose, temporary Academic Board will be established. There is no need for a final report of the practical internship, and the results of the internship will be evaluated according to the expert's opinion, depending on the enterprise in which the student undertook practical internship . Thesis work will be controlled with anti-plagiarism.  Once its approved that there is no plagiarism, the thesis work will be accepted electronically. That is, for the first time, taking into account the students, we will consider the thesis work being accepted without any defense in the electronic version and again offer the student an average achievement indicator. If the student objects and wants to fight for a higher score, we will arrange a defense at the appropriate time for that student.

Thus, 6 issues and various issues on the agenda were discussed at the meeting of the Academic Board, views were exchanged on current issues and work to be done, and decisions were made.