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ASOIU and UFAZ hold the next disinfection work in connection with the coronavirus

On June 5 the next disinfection work was carried out at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) and Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ) functioning under ASOIU.

 Firstly, the lobby, corridors, auditoriums and rooms of UFAZ have been disinfected. On June 8, UFAZ will hold entrance exams for master’s program for the first time. Important safety rules have been provided for the organization of exams, opportunities have been created for maintaining social distance, and the provision of students with hygienic means has been planned. The disinfection work carried out on June 5 and the measures to be taken on the day of the exam create conditions for conducting the entrance exams for master's degree at UFAZ in a safe environment.

During the disinfection at ASOIU, specialists carried out disinfection work in the both buildings of the university. Notably, at ASOIU and UFAZ with thousands of student and teacher contingent in accordance with measures to combat the global coronavirus pandemic in the country different events have been implemented over the past three months. Thus, in accordance with the rules of the quarantine regime in the country, the traditional teaching process at ASOIU and UFAZ has been suspended since March 3 and passed to online teaching in a short time, the number of employees has been minimized and they should get permission to come to workplace by entering the portal During the last three months, disinfection work has been conducted several times at ASOIU and UFAZ, sanitary means have been installed in the corridors of educational buildings, everyone are checked for fever at the entrance, and access to the university without mask is prohibited.