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UFAZ for the first time holds entrance exam for a master's degree program

On June 8, the Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ) functioning under the Azerbaijan State Oil and İndustry University (ASOIU) for the first time held the entrance exam for the master's degree program for the 2020/2021 academic year.

A total of 171 students from different universities were registered in the exam held for the first time this year, and 151 of them were approved. 60 of the applicants are UFAZ students, and the other 91 are graduates of various universities in Azerbaijan.

The exam was held taking into account all the necessary instructions set by the Ministry of Education in order to prevent the spread of the disease during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Thus, the students entered UFAZ with mask, followed the sanitary rules and kept social distance, and their temperature was checked in entrance. Students were also kept social distance in the examination rooms.

35 students who registered to take the exam, but staying out of Baku, were provided with appropriate permit to come to Baku.

During the exam lasted 150 minutes, students answered questions in English in 3 majors (Chemical Engineering / Physical Chemistry, Applied Computer Science (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) and Earth Sciences).

Preliminary results of the exam will be announced on June 11.

İmtahanın nəticəsindən razı qalmayan tələbələr iyunun 12-də appelyasiyaya müraciət edə bilər.

The approved list of young people who successfully pass the exam for UFAZ master's degree program will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and the State Examination Center on June 16, and the young people on the list will not attend the competition for other universities.

Young people who take the exam for UFAZ master's degree program  but do not succeed can make a choice among the relevant specialties offered by ASOIU, as well as other universities, based on their points they collected in the centralized entrance exam organized by SEC.

Notably, students who obtained more than 60 points during the examination organized by the State Examination Center (SEC), had the right to apply for UFAZ Master’s Degree Programs. Applicants who take the UFAZ entrance exam and that are not selected will still have the possibility to apply to other higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan.

In total 80 places were allocated for master's degree program and all 80 admitted students are offered governmental places at UFAZ. Thus, students will be able to receive a diploma of ASOIU as well as the University of Strasbourg, one of the most prestigious universities in France without going abroad.

The master's degree program will be conducted by an international academic staff of highly qualified French and Azerbaijani teachers adapted to the French education system.