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AzII E-Book House will provide online service to its readers

Every registered reader of the AzII E-Book House will be able to benefit from the printed materials and access facilities, and the databases of existing international libraries and publishing houses by entering the system with username and password given to them. Thus, a certain amount of printed electronic products, selected by the reader from the database of the book house, international electronic resources will be sent to the student's e-mail with the copyright protection. Notably, this process refers to about 5,500 registered readers of the AzII E-Book House. Other unregistered students will be able to benefit from these services by applying e-mail address

Readers will also be able to benefit of the access from home opportunities provided by many of the international electronic databases that AzII E-Book House joined during the pandemic. Readers will be able to access the databases via the link provided below.

EBSCO International Electronic Publishing Base, will be accessible for 3 months from June 16. (