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Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ) holds entrance examination

On August 18 the entrance examination for the bachelor's degree for the 2021/2022 academic year was held at Azerbaijan-French University (UFAZ) functioning under the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU).

The exam was held taking into account all the necessary instructions (keeping social distance and following hygiene rules) set by the Ministry of Education in order to prevent the spread of the disease during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Following the rules of the pandemic, the temperature of those entering the exam building has been checked. A total of 330 enrollees (70 in the Russian section and 260 in the Azerbaijani section) who scored 500 or more points in the first specialty group in the centralized entrance exam of the State Examination Center (SEC) in order to participate in the entrance exam to UFAZ have registered for 160 places. During the exam lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes, students answered questions in mathematics, chemistry, physics, English and general outlook. At the end, the 160 candidates with the highest points will become UFAZ students. Since education at UFAZ is in English, another requirement for applicants is to score a minimum 8 out of 20 points in English. 15 rooms have been allocated for the exam in the UFAZ building. 2 of those room were intended for the Russian section, and 13 rooms are for the Azerbaijani section. In total, 39 controllers and more than 20 employees were involved in the examination process. The activity of medical staff was provided in the examination building. The results will be announced on August 20. The appeals will be considered on August 21. The approved list of enrollees who successfully pass the exam will be submitted to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. After the exam, the names of students admitted to UFAZ will be sent to the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Education will forward the names of students admitted to UFAZ to the State Examination Center, and those students will not participate in the contest to other universities. Students who took UFAZ exam but did not succeed will be able to select relevant specializations offered by ASOIU, as well as by other universities based on the score gained during state entrance examination organized by SEC. Notably, depending on the results of the entrance exam to UFAZ, students are offered places either on the state (120 places) or on a paid basis (40 places). UFAZ conducts education in four specializations – Geophysical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Oil and Gas Engineering. UFAZ graduates will receive two diplomas (University of Strasbourg or Rennes 1 and ASOIU). Training at UFAZ for all specializations is 4 years.