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French-Azerbaijani University

The French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) is a unique ongoing project initiated by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and France back in 2014. Functioning as of September 2016, the university conducts student admission based on 4 technical specializations.

From the French side, the project includes a consortium of French Universities directed by the University of Strasbourg (Unistra). As for the Azerbaijani side, the project is led by Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) on the basis of close cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

Since September 2016, UFAZ undertakes the delocalization of two diplomas on the following specializations:

Bachelor of Chemical engineering (Unistra / ASOIU)

Bachelor of Computer science (Unistra / ASOIU) 

Bachelor of Geophysical engineering (Unistra / ASOIU)

Bachelor of Oil and Gas engineering (Rennes 1 University / ASOIU)


Founded under ASOIU, the university provides its graduates with the diplomas of ASOIU and the University of Strasbourg. Thus, without going overseas, the students will be able to obtain the diploma of ASOIU and Unistra, one of the most ancient universities in France.

Education at the university is led by an international academic staff of highly qualified French and Azerbaijani professors in conformity with the French education system. The education lasts 4 years: 1 year of foundation and 3 years of Bachelor. Foundation year covers the primary technical disciplines, including the intensive English and French language lessons.

141 students were admitted to the university in the recruitment year 2016/2017. The prospective students gaining more than 500 points during state examination organized by State Examination Center in group 1, took part in the recruitment examination held by the University of Strasbourg at ASOIU and the most successful received an opportunity to study at UFAZ.

One of the advantages of being a student at UFAZ is receiving a chance to attend summer schools organized at the French universities (the University of Strasbourg and the University of Rennes 1) that are the partners of this higher institution. Starting from the summer of 2017, 40 students from UFAZ received an opportunity to participate in these pedagogical and cultural trips.

Students with best academic indicators from 4 specializations of UFAZ (during foundation year) were able to attend the program free of charge.

During the summer schools, students will be offered a rich scientific and cultural program full of cultural events covering a trip to laboratories, conferences, French language courses and discovering France and its historical heritage.

UFAZ firstly seeks for Azerbaijani students with a strong scientific background, with basic English knowledge, who have just graduated from high school and have successfully completed the exam of the State Examination Center, as well as the UFAZ recruitment exam organized by Strasbourg University in Baku.


What are the goals of UFAZ?

To build a university of excellence and international standing;

To create and develop a long-lasting scientific and technical cooperation of high level, and of mutual benefit for both France and Azerbaijan;

To foster the ongoing reforms of the Higher education system in Azerbaijan;

To train a French and English speaking highly skilled workforce that will sustain the socio-economic growth of Azerbaijan in close partnership with the professional and industrial worlds, especially in the fields of Science and High Technology. 


Contact numbers:

+994 50 969 83 55

+994 12 493 23 24

Address: 34 Azadliq Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan


Facebook: UFAZ University