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Rector of ASOIU meets with students of Lanzhou Petrochemical College, China

Within the frames of the visit to the People’s Republic of China, the delegation headed by Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Professor Mustafa Babanli met on December 24 with students of Lanzhou Petrochemical College.  Rector Mustafa Babanli informed Chinese students about the university’s history, training process, courses of action. Saying that ASOIU conducts the training of specialists for many countries around the world, Rector M. Babanli noted that over 50 Chinese citizens currently study at Bachelor’s level and preparatory courses of ASOIU.

Then, Rector, Professor Mustafa Babanli answered students’ questions. 

Notably, in the frames of the visit, it was agreed that nearly 200 graduates of Lanzhou Petrochemical College will study at preparatory courses, undergraduate and postgraduate levels of ASOIU each year, and the sides signed a cooperation contract.