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Rector of ASOIU visits university faculties and divisions on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day and New Year

On December 28 Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), Professor Mustafa Babanli visited the university’s faculties and divisions on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day and New Year. Rector M. Babanli was at the faculties of Geological Exploration, Oil and Gas Production, Chemical Technology, Oil Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Information Technologies and Management, Economics and Management, Master’s office, Foreign Students Office and other divisions. He congratulated the professors and lecturers and the whole staff members of the university on the World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day and New Year, wishing them good health and success in their career.

Rector M. Babanli viewed 2017 as one of the most remarkable and productive years for ASOIU and noted that there were a number of accomplishments in the life of the university and training in 2017. Rector, Professor M. Babanli said they will take further steps to make better progress in quality results in 2018, adding that some deficiencies in this sphere will also be fully resolved.  

Saying that a record number of students were admitted to ASOIU in the 2017-2018 academic year, Rector M. Babanli informed that 292 of students scoring over 600 and 950 of those scoring 500 and more in group 1 examinations chose ASOIU. Rector M. Babanli said it is envisaged to accept 3000 people to undergraduate, 600 people to postgraduate and 150-160 people to Ph.D. levels in the following academic year. He also stressed that serious progress is expected regarding the admission of international students and that over 300 citizens of foreign countries will become ASOIU students.

According to Rector M. Babanli, despite some deficiencies noticeable changes have also been achieved in research, the number of scientific papers have doubled compared to 2016, and the university has established cooperation ties with a number of influential universities and companies around the globe. He viewed the daily internship program as one of the most successful projects of ASOIU and noted that becoming familiar with manufacturing enterprises is of particular significance for students’ future career.

Speaking about tasks and activities to be accomplished in 2018, Prof M. Babanli emphasized that a large-scale work is underway in order to raise the quantity and quality of research papers, to improve the university laboratories and to create a round-the-clock library system.

In conclusion, Rector M. Babanli once again congratulated ASOIU’s academic staff members and students on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day and New Year, expressing confidence that the university will achieve greater success in 2018.