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Fall/winter examination session kicks off at UFAZ

The fall/winter examination session at the Azerbaijani-French University (UFAZ) functioning under Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) began on January 17.  

UFAZ 284 students enrolled in the first and second years will sit their exams during the next 2 weeks. All necessary conditions have been created to ensure transparency and objectivity of the examination session. The exams have been organized according to the rules of the University of Strasbourg. Pursuant to the training program of the University of Strasbourg, the assessment at UFAZ comprises 3 stages throughout the semester, which is then completed with finals.

The exam questions have been drafted by a special group of subject teachers. Once the exam results have been checked, they will be submitted for final decision to the jury consisting of the experts of the University of Strasbourg, and the grades will then be announced to students.