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Meeting with lecturers regarding the outcome of fall/winter examination session held at UFAZ

On February 1 Rector of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), Professor Mustafa Babanli held a meeting with the staff of the Azerbaijani-French University (UFAZ) functioning under the university regarding the outcome of the fall/winter examination session.

At the meeting, Rector, Prof Mustafa Babanli was provided detailed information on the course and results of the exams. Rector M. Babanli informed the staff members about the work to be accomplished at UFAZ in the future and learned their opinions about the training process.

Notably, 284 students of UFAZ enrolled in the first and second years took part in the fall/winter examination session that kicked off on January 17. Exams have been organized in accordance with the regulations of the University of Strasbourg.