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Open Day held at UFAZ

On June 22, the Azerbaijani-French University (UFAZ) under Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) held an Open Day event for all the interested prospective students and their parents, as well as for anyone willing to get in-depth knowledge about the education process at UFAZ. 

The event started with a video footage of UFAZ. Then UFAZ Director Vazeh Asgarov and Secretary General Charlotte Payen made a presentation about the university. Attendees were given detailed information about the admission process and educational programs of UFAZ.

In conclusion, prospective students willing to apply to UFAZ and their parents received answers to their questions.

Notably, UFAZ is a project initiated by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and France at the bilateral meeting in September 2014. On April 25, 2015, heads of these countries signed a document on the establishment of UFAZ, and on May 22, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order on the creation of the Azerbaijani-French University. Training at UFAZ for all specializations is 4 years: 1 year of foundation and 3 years of Bachelor’s studies. Education is in English. Starting from the foundation year, students also learn French. Training is conducted based on the French program.