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Socar AQS Student Scholarship Contest Winners Announced

The selection stage of SOCAR AQS Student Scholarship Contest for 2018-2019 academic year has successfully completed. Last-year students studying oil and gas engineering from the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry and Baku Higher Oil School that are closely cooperating with SOCAR AQS have taken an active part in the contest. The Jury members representing of management of the company have selected winners among the 15 successful candidates.

The winners of the contest are last year Bachelor students from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, faculty of Oil-gas mining - Sabina Bashirova, Narminakhanim Badirhanova and the last year students from Baku Higher Oil School, faculty of oil and gas engineering - Gulshan Jabbarzade, Zarina Akbarova.

Ramin Isayev, the General Director of SOCAR AQS congratulated the students on their achievements. The selection process of students for the 2018-2019 academic years was much more complicated than in previous years. Candidates demonstrated excellent performance on their specialty. Along with scholarship, the winners will also be able to benefit from career opportunities in the future in the SOCAR AQS.

The vice-rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Gasim Mammadov pointed out that he was proud to announce 2 winners of this year's Student Scholarship competition: “it is a great satisfaction to cooperate with SOCAR AQS. We welcome our students’ participation in a number of various projects and the contest announced by the company.  It is a desire of each student to enroll in the Summer Internship Program, Student Scholarship Contest and to get a job offer from SOCAR AQS, which performs continuous dynamic development’’. SOCAR AQS, as a national oil and gas drilling company, supports initiatives and programs aimed at contributing to the transformation of oil capital into human capital

SOCAR AQS’s shareholders are SOCAR and Nobel Oil Services.