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ASOIU holds seminar dedicated to the day of Science

On March 13, a seminar on the Republican day of Science was held in Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU). Greeting the attendance, head of the Ph.D. office of ASOIU, doctor of technical sciences Latafat Gardashova provided information about the Republican "Day of Science" at the seminar.

Speaking about the establishment of "Day of Science" by the president Ilham Aliyev in Azerbaijan on April 9, 2018, professor L. Gardashova underlined the importance of this decree in the field of science. Noting that the conference on "Day of Science" will be held in the upcoming years, professor L. Gardashova stressed that these conferences are of great importance to P.h.D. students.

Later, the best lectures of P.h.D. students on faculties were heard at the seminar. P.h.D. students Anakhanim Mutallimova,  Mirza Khatira, Dilara Asadova, Khanim Agayeva, Jale Muradova, Aljan Amirov, Aydin Bayramov, Aytan Hummatli made speeches on their specialty. P.h.D. students also received the answers to their questions.

In the end, professor L.Gardashova commented on the reports of P.h.D. students and gave them recommendations for future activities