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Subject Skills Contest winners awarded at ASOIU

The awarding ceremony of winners of the Contest on mathematics, physics and chemistry organized for high school seniors was held at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) on May 10.

Rector of the ASOIU, Professor Mustafa Babanli coordinated the event that was held on the day of the birthday of National Leader Heydar Aliyev with the fact that the young people is the base of the H.Aliyev's policy. Speaking about the importance of the subject skills held at ASOIU for the students, Rector, Professor M.Babanli expressed satisfaction with the results of the knowledge competition held on mathematics, physics and chemistry and emphasized that winners who ranked the first place in the Olympiad will be provided with a special scholarship if they become ASOIU students. The rector M.Babanli also added that a number of innovations in the subject skills have been applied.

Then the winners of the I, II and III places of the subject skills were awarded certificates.

Notably, among the participants, who successfully took part in the subject skills in Azerbaijan and Russian languages on April 20, at ASOIU, 3 students in mathematics, 3 on physics and 3 on chemistry and 6 incentive prizes, in total 15 students were awarded Honorary decree.