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The seminar held at ASOIU was published in SOCAR's second quarter of newsletter

The workshop held at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) was highlighted in the article of second quarter of newsletter of SOCAR Polymer named "A Successful Student Support Initiative"

It was noted that in the conference held 90 minut the information on subject was provided interactively and the questions were answered. The workshop organized jointly by ASOIU and SOCAR Polymer LLC was attended by Heybat Muradov, Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector for Quality Management and Quality Control of SOCAR Polymer LLC, Dean of the Faculty of Power Engineering, Associate Professor Zakir Hasanov, 25 students of SABAH group and academic staff.

The purpose of the workshop was to explain to students how important education is and how they can use it for the future success, that is why the name of the training was "From studentship to business".

After the event, Zakir Hasanov expressed intention to incorporate the workshop topics and training materials into next year's relevant education syllabuses. The students received new information for making successful career in the future and expressed their contentment with the workshop that was held.