Dear students!

A "hotline" in addition to the previously announced "hotline" numbers (University, Academic Services Office, Accounting) has been established for each faculty. You can address your questions directly to the deans of the faculties.


Hotline phone numbers:


FGE work-012-493-44-61; mob. 070-493-44-61


FOGP work-012-498-88-46; mob. 070-498-88-46


FCT work-012-498-65-98; mob. 070-498-65-98


FOME  work-012-498-80-95; mob. 070-498-80-95

    FPE work-012-498-65-32; mob. 070-498-65-32

FITC work-012-598-45-31; mob. 070-598-45-31


FEM work-012-598-43-08; mob. 070-598-43-08


ISDO work-012-598-43-10; mob. 070-498-43-10


Magistracy Department work-012-598-52-47; mob. 070-598-52-47