Faculty of Power Engineering

The Faculty of Power Engineering


Azerbaijan has started to prepare the specialists in the field of electrical engineering in the Faculty of Energetics at Baku Polytechnic Institution (current Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University) in 1921. The initiative of establishment and development of the faculty have been taken by outstanding scholars and pedagogues like professors A.A.Axundov, S.N.Usaty, B.P.Albitsky, A.A.Afandizadeh, Ch.M.Cuvarli, B.M.Plush, A.A.Spirin, A.M. Mammadov, K.V. Pokrovsky, K.N.Quluzadeh, Z.I.Kazimzadeh, P.B.Rustamzadeh, F.H.Huseynov, I.Z.Makinsky, A.C.Orucaliyev, T.S.Axhundov.


The professors A.A.Axundov, Z.B.Yelyashevich, P.A.Baskutis, B.M.Plush, A.M. Mammadov, P.B.Rustamzadeh, K.N.Quluzadeh, K.M.Abdullayev, A.M.Kuliev, E.M.Farhadzadeh, P.H.Alizade, assistant professors M.M.Salamzadeh, I.A.Sadikov, T.S.Atakishiev, Q.A.Abdurrahmanov, C.S.Asgarov, R.K.Quluzadeh Y.A.Cabiyev have been led the faculty in different periods. Currently Assistant Professor Zakir Hasanov is a Dean of Faculty.


More than 43000 highly educated specialists have been prepared since the day the faculty established. The Faculty of Power Engineering offers bachelor and master programs in the following specialties in according to the credit based education system of confirmed by Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic in accordance with “State Education Standards”. Currently faculty offering three bachelors and ten master specialty programs:


Bachelor Programs


  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Thermal Power Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


Master Programs


  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Electrical Supply
  • Electrical part of electric stations
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Water and  Fuel  Technologies at Thermal Power Stations
  • Industrial Thermal Power Engineering
  • General theory of the energy electromechanical transformation
  • Industrial Automation and Electric Drive Systems
  • High Voltage Physics
  • Electrical Apparatus




  • Electric Power Engineering Head of Department – Assistant Professor Aliyev A.Q., Ph.D
  • Electromechanics  Head of Department - Assistant Professor Ahmadov E.N., Ph.D
  • Thermal Power Engineering Head of Department - Assistant Professor Babayeva S.Sh., Ph.D
  • Physics   Head of Department - Professor Musayev M.A., Sc.D


There are 16 PhD candidates, Professors, 53 Assistant Professors who joined educational process at the Faculty of Power Engineering. Currently 750 bachelor students and 68 master degree students study at the faculty.

Meantime Faculty of Energetics implements continuous industrial internship program for 3rd and 4th year’s students. For this purpose, ASOIU signed MoU approximately with 20 prominent institutions and organizations in Azerbaijan Republic. Currently more than 50 students with high academic achievements are taking part in the continuous industrial internship program within five organizations.

Faculty aims to increase a number of students and industrial organization who will join to continuous industrial internship program in the nearest future.