The Fundamental library of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) was established in 1920 on the basis of Baku Technical School. At that time, its book collection included 6500 copies and had 300 readers.


From 1925 the book collection has begun to be replenished by a variety of books in Western European languages along with Russian and Azerbaijani.


As of 1940, the book collection of the Fundamental library comprised 111.967 books, 3544 patents and standards, 1087 technical catalogs, 447 works of literature and a considerable amount of magazines translated from foreign languages. The library’s book collection experienced a decline reaching 108.509 copies in the following years due to the fact that the library was sending literature to various institutes and cities of the country, providing humanitarian aid. After the country had adopted an order on the status of library work and its improvement activities, the library work saw a new development phase. Thus, the library received over 55 thousand of book, magazine and newspaper copies in the 1962/1963 academic year.


At present, the library has about 700 thousand books. Being rich and universal the fund composed of books in Azerbaijan, Russian and foreign languages, magazines and periodicals, standards and patents, electronic carriers and other print products.


The Fundamental library donated a great deal of literature to the Institute’s branches in Sumgait, Ganja, Mingechevir, Shusha, Grozny Oil Institute and student construction brigades in different years. Currently, this tradition continues in the library today as well. Thus, the fundamental library joined with its interesting exhibits to the 5th Baku International Book Fair was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on September 28-30, 2017 in Baku Sports Palace and was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic for active participation. The library joined the charity event called "You also read" was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and "Global Shapers" community of the World Economy Forum and donated a large number of books and magazines to the new library fund which was opened in the village of Jojug Marjanli in Jabrayil region. In 2017 according to the official letter of Azerbaijan diaspora in Arkhangelsk region, books and magazines reflecting Azerbaijan history and culture were also donated to their library. This tradition also continues in 2018 and books and magazines had been donated to the fund of the library of "Azersu" open society.


Guided by the orders of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On library” and “On education”, ASOIU’s orders and decrees, order “On Exemplary Regulation of libraries in higher education institutions” approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on July 5, 2016, and “Regulation of ASOIU’s Fundamental library” approved by ASOIU’s Academic Board on September 27, 2016 (Protocol No. 1), the Fundamental library currently strives to build the collections of books and other documents and create information reserves, provide their safety, organize and constantly develop a system of excellent traditional, electronic catalogs and filing cabinets, and bibliographic resources featuring those collections, present them to readers and meet their information needs.


Trying to fulfill the five main - scientific, informational, cultural, educational and upbringing functions the collective of the fundamental library provides a diverse range of services to the readers through with 6 subscriptions, 1 reading hall, electronic and traditional catalog, magazines, books, and articles of "EBSCO" international publishing base for university in current academic year. The fundamental library is a member of Azerbaijan Inter-Libraries Consortium since 19.06.2017. Thus, during the academic year through the consortium, 9000 magazines and books, 25000 magazines and newspaper articles issued by "EBSCO" international publishing base were used by readers of the university and readers of the library. In the academic year, 2756 readers have benefited from the "EBSCO" international publishing base and its archives.  

 The fundamental library of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University serves as an electronic information provider for readers within the framework of Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium.

 Inter-library subscription method also is used in the library. Considering the interests and requests of the readers, to meet their needs for rare books is carried out through libraries of other universities and other libraries (Scientific library of Baku State University, the library of Khazar University, the library of Western University, Azerbaijan National library named after M.F.Akundov, the library of the Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic, the library of the University of Oil and Gas Research Project of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR)).


The Fundamental library of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University functions as an electronic information provider for its readers within the frames of the Library Information Consortium of Azerbaijan.


The library attaches special importance to the application of modern information technology. The library has been provided with a local computer network and internet access. Readers with portable personal computers can connect to the internet from the library reading hall through wireless connection system. The Library is supplied with an Automated Library and Information System IRBIS64. Almost the major part of the workflow is carried out through the software. Thus, all printed products- books, magazines, periodicals, electronic carriers are cataloged and electronic resources are prepared for the use of readers. The use of the electronic version of printed manuals and textbooks of professors of ASOIU are provided on a local network. Electronic registration of readers is also implemented through the software. Currently, the library has 6336 readers including professors, students, and other employees.

The Fundamental library of ASOIU consists of books, reports, monographs, abstracts, dissertations, and newsletters covering technical, artistic, public-political, economics, law, and other fields. The library also contains ancient books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, miniature books, and manuscripts about rare and unique content. The publication of these books which are about mechanical engineering, architecture, geology, physics, and other fields cover the 1820-1910 years. The books have been published by local and foreign publishing houses and are in Russian, English, French, German and other languages. 


Today, the library collection is continuously enriched and replenished by the following sources. The Fundamental library has been headed by Salahat Mahmudova since 2015.