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Assoc. Prof Gasim Mammadov

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs


The Vice-Rectors for Academic Affairs of higher education institutions provide direct leadership for academic, teaching-methodical and educational affairs of the specific institution and carry responsibility before the Rector for the fulfilled duties. The duties of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs include the following: supervise the organization of academic, teaching-methodical and educational affairs in faculties and departments; chair the work of training support structures (training workshops, training farms, etc.); monitor the implementation of teaching and practical internships for students; provide leadership for the organization of teaching- methodical conferences; assume the chairmanship in case of absence of Rector.   
Tel:+994 12 493 32 61

Professor Latafat Gardashova

Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs


Job description: directly manages the scientific-methodical and scientific works; carries out the organization of scientific-methodical and scientific works in departments; coordinates the organization of scientific conferences; takes control over the preparation of doctoral candidates (researchers) and professional development of the scientific-pedagogical staff; chairs the development of activities for the application of research achievements to the national economy; provides leadership for the student scientific societies; chairs the research department and research laboratories.

Tel:+994 12 493 97 46


Assoc. Prof Rafig Jamalov

Vice-Rector for International Relations


Job description: provides the establishment, development, and implementation of direct contacts with educational and scientific institutions of foreign countries; coordinates and ensures the participation of representatives of higher education institutions in international events. Organizes the development of priority areas of cooperation through the relevant department of the Ministry of Education to ensure his university's involvement in international programs and projects. Takes direct charge of international students' teaching-educational and methodical affairs and is responsible before the Rector for the fulfilled duties. Studies the structure of education in foreign countries and the content and characteristics of teaching and educational affairs in some countries.

Tel:+994 12 493 12 33


Assoc. Prof Ata Babayev

Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs



Job description:  takes direct charge of educational affairs in the higher education institution and carries a responsibility before the Rector for the fulfilled duties. Coordinates, controls and manages educational affairs in faculties and departments and other structural subdivisions. Supervises and directs the students' education events during the training process and outside the school. Takes part in all events related to education. The Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs connects the educational activities of his university with the educational activities conducted in other institutions.


Tel:+994 12 598 02 44

Elnur Ismayilov

Vice-Rector for General Affairs


Responsibilities: supervises the solution of general issues of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of a higher educational institution, coordinates the work of the security service in the administrative buildings of the university, ensures security, and also organizes the work of the civil defence headquarters. The Vice-Rector for General Affairs directly supervises and directs the work of archives, military mobilization structures and structures of special departments. The Vice-Rector for General Affairs also contributes to the effective organization of work on international relations of the university, the exchange of teachers and students, the training of international students while promoting the observance of national interests and traditions of statehood. In addition, he monitors the solution of issues such as clerical work, consideration of applications, complaints and appeals. In addition, he helps prevent negative situations that may arise between university staff and students.