International Students Dean's Office

Who we are


Functioning under the Vice-Rector for International Relations, the International Students Dean’s Office takes charge of the admission process, accommodation issues, migration service and education of the University’s international students. The University currently has 340 foreign citizens from 21 countries worldwide. The international students are offered to study in three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English.


What we do


The main objectives of the International Students Dean’s Office are as follows:


  • To organize the admission process of foreign citizens to ASOIU;
  • To register the foreign citizens at State Migration Service;
  • To arrange preparatory courses for foreign students;
  • To communicate with partner universities;
  • To cooperate with international organizations and foreign embassies;
  • To organize cultural programs for foreign students.




DeanYashar Hasanov
1962-1972Secondary School No. 174
1972-1977BA in Mechanical Engineering, Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute
1983Ph.D. in Technical Sciences


Deputy DeanNatiq Mammadov
1970-1980Secondary School No. 201
1983-1988English language teaching, Azerbaijan State Institute of Languages 


Deputy DeanTofiq Muradxanlı
1972-1982Secondary School No. 187 
1982-1988Director, Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts


Head of the Preparatory Departmentİlhama Osmanova
1979-1989Secondary School No. 27 
1991-1996Baku State University named after MA Rasulzade (complete education)
2016-2021Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after M.Naghiyev (Ph.D.)


Chief Inspector      Emil Abdurahmanov
1996-2008Secondary School No. 151 
2008-2012Azerbaijan Teachers` Institute (bachelor degree)
2013-2016MBA, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University və Georgia State University (master degree)
2018-2022Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University  (dissertator)


Chief Inspector           Rita Ursu
1983-1991  Secondary School No. 276 
1991-1993      Technical school
2013-2018Makhachkala State Institute (bachelor degree)
2018-2021Dagestan State Agrarian University named after M. M. Dzhambulatov (master degree)



Chief Inspector         Lala Alibayova
1991-2001Republican Art Gymnasium
2001-2005Azerbaijan Teachers` Institute (bachelor degree)
2005-2007Azerbaijan Teachers` Institute (master degree)



Chief Inspector             Nigar Babayeva
1996-2008Secondary School No. 46 
2008-2012Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (master degree)



Senior Assistant          Sabina Qurbanova
1983-2003Secondary School No. 87
1996-2000Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (bachelor degree)
2000-2002Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (master degree)