Exchange programs

Erasmus+ exchange program

The Erasmus+ exchange program enables the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff between the Erasmus+ partner institutions. By studying overseas with Erasmus+, students get to improve their communication, language, and intercultural skills and gain a number of soft skills highly valued by future employers. Opportunities to participate in the program are available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students, as well as academic and administrative staff.       



Your study period abroad can last from a minimum of 3 months (1 semester) to a maximum of 12 months (2 semesters).



To study abroad through Erasmus+, you should be enrolled in a higher education institution and involved in studies leading to a recognized degree or tertiary-level qualification. As a Bachelor's degree student, you need to be at least in the II year, in the first cycle of the III year or as a Master’s degree student you need to be in the first year of your studies. The courses to be taken abroad must be relevant to your degree-related learning and personal development needs, and be part of the study program that you are following.


The selection of the students is mainly based on the following stages:


  1. Online application
  2. Interview


The documents below are required for the online application:

- The transcript of records

- The language certificate according to the call (IELTS/TOEFL or Test Daf etc.)

- CV

- Motivation letter

- The copy of passport

- The list of subjects which are considered by student to be taken in the receiving university and are relevant for the study program at ASOIU (the total number of ECTS credits must comprise at least 15)

Once the calls are announced open, you can find the announcements in the notice boards of the departments, in the “Announcements” section or through the facebook page of the ICO.


For incoming students: Please find the fact sheet of ASOIU below to get more information about the university and procedure to apply.


Fact Sheet


Financial support

You may receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to your travel and subsistence costs. It may vary according to differences in living costs between your country and the destination country, the number of students applying for a grant, the distance between countries and the availability of other grants. As an Erasmus+ student, you will be exempted from fees for tuition, registration, examinations, and charges for access to laboratories or libraries at the receiving institution.


How to apply


You can apply through the international or Erasmus+ office of your higher education institution.


Erasmus+ at ASOIU

Since 2015, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University strives to strengthen the cooperation relations with different foreign universities within the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program. We plan to expand our partnership connections and are looking forward to presenting tertiary-level education to students in the next academic semesters. In addition, the university conducts the student exchange with a number of schools, including the University of Keele (United Kingdom), the Middle East Technical University (Turkey), University of Siegen (Germany), University of Alcala (Spain), University of Strasbourg (France). Those willing to apply to one of these institutions may approach the International Cooperation Office.


Erasmus+ for academic staff members


Likewise the student exchange, the exchange of teachers is taken into account within the Erasmus+ program as well. The exchange period considers 5 days, more precisely, 8 hours teaching in the host university allocated at 5 days. The following documents are required from teachers to apply for the exchange programs:


  • B2 level language proficiency
  • CV
  • The short description of of the subject (s) or the topic (s) that is considered by the teacher to be delivered in the host university (the subjects chosen will be specified afterwards in contact with the coordinator in the host university)


Free mover


Free mover program allows students to study for one semester in one of the universities ASOIU cooperates. The only difference is that the exchange period is not funded and it has to be covered by the student. The students from any degree level as well as the academic staff members are eligible to participate in the program.

You can find the list of universities considering the cooperation within Free mover program:

The list of universities


Mevlana exchange program


The Mevlana exchange program aims to facilitate the exchange of students and academic staff with Turkish higher education institutions. In order to apply for the Mevlana exchange program, a student must be studying for a Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree or Ph.D. students studying in their first year at an associate or Bachelor’s degree level, and students taking part in preparation classes and scientific preparation programs for graduate degrees cannot participate in this program during their first semester.


The required documents to apply are the academic transcript, candidate’s application form, language certificate, copy of the student ID.


You can download the list of universities with the link of below.

The list of partner universities within Mevlana exchange program


Application requirements


To qualify for participation the Grade Point Average (GPA) of associate degree students and undergraduate students must be at least 2.5 on a four-point scale (62%). The GPA of graduate students (MA, Ph.D.) must be at least 3.00 on a four-point scale (75%), with a 50% language score and a 50% GPA. 


Academic staff exchange


Academic staff members may also participate in the Mevlana exchange program and may lecture abroad from a minimum of one week up to a maximum of three months.