Living in Azerbaijan



Foreign students enjoy a wide range of accommodation opportunities in Baku. The dormitory located a short distance away from the University enables the students to benefit from low-cost accommodation right in the city center. Both the International Corporation Office and Foreign Students Office are ready to assist international students to obtain comfortable and affordable places.




The main public transport modes in Baku include city buses (BakuBus) and underground (Baku Metro). It is also possible to find “Rent a car” services for long distances.


Baku Metro connects the city center to the suburbs and is reasonably speedy, safe, well-maintained, clean and efficient. It offers the least expensive option for getting around Baku. As of late 2015, single-card system (BakıKART) started to be applied in most means of the public transport of Baku, and the tickets are available to purchase at “BakıKart” terminals, press kiosks and other points with “BakıKart” logo.


Both public and private buses operate in Baku. Buses to the suburbs are relatively cheap. One-way ride for city buses and underground is 0.20 AZN.


Baku also has different taxi organizations and it is not expensive to use them for appropriate distances.


The Heydar Aliyev International Airport located just outside of Baku is the main air hub in Azerbaijan. The airport connects Baku to cities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia via numerous international carriers, including Azerbaijan Airlines, the country’s national airline. The Express buses plying between the airport and the city center (“28 may” metro station) facilitate the commute of passengers.