Admission to UFAZ



The number of admissions will be limited according to the spaces available (up to 40 places for the Y1 in 2017/2018).


Students who wish to participate in the recruitment procedure should approach the representative at the UFAZ University and present the following documents:



  • Copy of the identification card
  • AColored ID photo (3х4)
  • High school certificate (“attestat”)
  • Results of the entrance exam to Higher education (SEC)
  • Academic records for the last 2 years (or 1 year) signed and stamped by ASOIU(minimum number of GPA 75/100)
  • Signed and stamped certificate from ASOIU showing that they have successfully attended a bachelor course at the relevant level (Y1, Y2) corresponding to the UFAZ specialty for which they are applying
  • CV in English language describing scholar and university curriculum, internship and/or professional experiences
  • Motivation letter written in English language



*Students that have more than 2 years of studies after the end of their secondary education are not allowed to register for Fthe UFAZ exam.


Selection process:



  • After receiving approval upon registration, candidates have to pass a multiple choice question (MCQ) examination in English language in Baku. This MCQ will be entirely based on scientific knowledge.
  • MThe successful candidates will have an individual interview of 15 minutes at the end of July. This interview may be face-to-face in Baku if possible, or through video conference (Skype recommended).



* To be interviewed candidates have to obtain the minimum grade of 12/20 at the MCQ examination.

* The education form will be only on paid basis.


Term of registration: 03/07/2017 - 13/07/17


Examination date: 17/07/17, 10 am


Interview date: from 24/07/17 until 28/07/17


Final confirmation and registration from the selected candidates: from 31/07/17 until 07/08/17

Address for registration, examination, and consultations:

34 Azadliq ave., Baku (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University - main building)


Contact numbers:    

+(994) 12 493 23 24

+(994) 50 969 83 55