Transactions of Azerbaijan Institutes of Technology


In the Soviet period, the present Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) as the flagman of oil and gas higher educational institutions published the journal "Oil and Gas" (the series of "Transactions of the universities") for more than forty years.


In 1999 the association of higher technical educational institutions of Azerbaijan stated about the need of an issue of a new journal (with the corresponding status). It is natural that the initiator of an updating of a journal was ASOIU (former Azerbaijan State Oil Academy), prior issuer and legal antecedent. By decision of the leadership of our university a new editorial office and editorial board was formed, and also a computer center was created, and in July 1999 the first issue of the “Transactions of Azerbaijan Institutes of Technology” journal was published.


The "Transactions of Azerbaijan Institutes of Technology" journal considers papers describing original work in, but not limited to the following research areas:




    • Geology
    • Oil and Gas Industry
    • Chemistry and Chemical Technology
    • Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
    • Energy and Power Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Engineering
    • Mechatronics and Robotics
    • Metrology and Instrumentation
    • Ecology and Environment
    • Economics, Business and Management
    • Brief information


The periodicity of the journal is systemic, 6 numbers a year are published. Papers are published in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.


By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the journal has been included in the list of scientific periodicals in which the results of thesis works are published.


All submissions are handled electronically:


   Our contact details


Tel:     (012) 598-44-77

          (050) 627-41-67 (Executive Secretary)

Faks:  (012) 598-65-61



  Editorial Board



M.B. Babanli, Professor


Managing Editor

R.Y. Aliyarov, Doctor of Sciences

Executive Secretary

Oleg Huseynov, PhD


   Editorial Board Members


  • V.М. Аhmedov (Azerbaijan)

  • А.R. Аliev (Azerbaijan)

  • K.W. Bonfig (Germany)

  • Fazlollahi (USA)

  • I.А. Garagash (Russia)

  • V.V. Gordienko (Ukraine)

  • G.G. Guliev (Azerbaijan)

  • А.М. Guliev (Azerbaijan)

  • R.R. Guliev (Russia, Azerbaijan)

  • R.S. Gurbanov (Azerbaijan)

  • А.D. Ismailzadeh (Azerbaijan)

  • Kacprzyk (Poland)

  • Moog (Germany)

  • М.А. Мusayev (Azerbaijan)

  • R.Х. Мuslimov (Russia)

  • Pedrycz (Canada, Poland)

  • Roth (Germany)

  • Sadikoglu (North Cyprus)

  • Т.S. Salavatov (Azerbaijan)

  • V.М. Seidov (Azerbaijan)

  • А.I. Timurziev (Russia)

  • Turksen (Canada, Turkey)

  • S.V. Ulyanov (Russia)

  • Ulutagay (Turkey)

  • V.М. Valyaev (Russia)

  • А.V. Yazenin (Russia)

  • S.I. Yusifov (Azerbaijan)

  • L.A. Zadeh (USA)

  • N.P. Zapivalov

  • Batirshin (Mexico, Russia)


   Guidelines for authors


1. Papers devoted to topical areas of the journal are welcome. Submission of a manuscript shows a clear understanding that the paper is an original work and has not been published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.


2. Papers in Azerbaijani, Russian or English are submitted as e-mail attachments to the Editorial office’s e-mail address (


3. An article should consist of no more than 10 pages.


4. Publication of articles paid. Cost of a journal:


    for employees of ASOIU – 5 AZN;
    for non-employees of ASOIU – 10 AZN.


5. The title of the paper, the names of authors, affiliations, email addresses, an abstract (no more than 150 words) and a list of keywords (no more than six words) should be given in the first page of the paper. The paper should be divided into clearly defined sections, numbered as follows:


     1. Introduction (State the objectives of the work and provide an analysis of the state of the art)

     2. Statement of the Problem

     3. The method of solution

     4. Conclusion

     5. References


6. The authors can recommend 4 persons as reviewers for their papers.


7. Depending on the content of the paper the Editor-in-Chief will send the manuscript to an appropriate member of the Editorial Board who will then send the manuscript to at least two competent reviewers. Based on feedback from reviewers and recommendations by the member of the Editorial Board, the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision on acceptance, rejection, and revision of the paper.


8. Once a paper is accepted, the author has to prepare a paper according to the following instructions.


9. Citation numbers are included in the text in square brackets: eg. [1, 3, 6].


10. Formulas should be typed using MS Word Equation. The formulas that are referred in the text should be numbered. A formula number is given in right-aligned parentheses. Variables and other mathematical symbols are presented in Latin or Greek letters in italics. Abbreviations are given in brackets after the first mention of the term.


11. Tables and figures captions and numbers are given as follows: eg. “Table 1. Monthly values of temperature”, above the table, center-aligned; eg. “Fig. 1. A scheme of the device”, below the figure, center-aligned.


12. A reference list is given at the end of the text of the paper. This is followed by the UDC, names of authors, the title of the paper, the summary and the keywords (all in two languages different to that of the paper).


13. References on the reference list should be listed in alphabetical order (by surnames of authors). The style of the references is as follows: for a journal paper, two inclined dividing lines are used, for a conference paper, one inclined dividing line is used, for a monograph, the point is used.


14. The paper is sent to the Editorial office’s e-mail address ( in a single file. The text of the paper is formatted as follows: A4 portrait orientation (margins: top - 5 cm, bottom - 5 cm, left - 4 cm right - 4 cm), the template "Normal", Times New Roman 10 pt font, paragraph - 0 5 cm, single spacing.


15. Names of the authors and the title of the paper are given in capital letters and in bold, and the section headings are given in bold.