International Students

The history of the University


The M. Azizbayov Polytechnic Institute was established in November 14, 1920, in accordance with the decree signed by the chairman of the Revolutionary Committee of Azerbaijan N. Narimanov and National Education Commissioner Dadash Bunyadzadeh.

Renamed several times over the past hundred years, the University was known at different periods as Azerbaijan Petroleum Institute, Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, Azerbaijan Petroleum and Chemistry Institute, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and most recently Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (2015).

The ASOIU also gave birth to several educational institutions, namely Azerbaijan State Agricultural University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Sumgait State University and Mingachevir State University, which were formed on the basis of different faculties of the ASOIU. Nearly 140,000 students have been educated at the University up to date. More than 50 graduates of ASOIU are academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences, more than 150 graduates are the Heroes of Socialist Labor of former Soviet Union, approximately 70 people were awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize.




  • 3 educational buildings
  • Huge library (with 1 million books)
  • Information Computing Center
  • Publishing house
  • Dormitory
  • Student Polyclinic and Hospital
  • Sports Complex
  • Recreation Complex in Nabran
  • Internship center in Dashkesan
  • 2 Research Institutes
  • 32 Research laboratories


International Cooperation


External relations of the ASOIU are coordinated by the International Cooperation Office and International Students Dean Office under the Vice-rector on International Affairs. 


Bilateral Agreements


Currently the University has direct cooperation agreements with 75 universities from more than 25 countries. In the frames of existing agreements, the University realizes students and staff mobility and mutual scientific projects. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) was established on the basis of the cooperation between the ASOIU and Georgia State University (USA). Each year the curriculum of MBA program is prepared and renewed in cooperation with Georgia State University. As a result of close mutual cooperation with Germany's Siegen University, specialties in Business Management were arranged at the ASOIU. More information is available in special specializations section.


International Projects 


The ASOIU participates in a number of international projects for improving education quality and applying innovations in education. The bachelor degree in Environmental protection was set up within the frames of the European Union's TEMPUS program. Since 2015, the ASOIU has been taking part in the Erasmus+ network. Within Erasmus+ network, the University participates in various projects for the improvement of the quality of higher education. 


Student mobility


Student mobility is realized in several directions. With the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, the ASOIU students gain the opportunity to study for a short period in leading universities of Europe. Furthermore, the Mevlana program creates opportunities for academic mobility with Turkish universities.


International Organizations


The ASOIU's membership in regional and international organizations creates frames for the improvement of the quality of education, paves the way for the implementation of projects and reforms. The ASOIU is the member of the following international associations:


  • European Universities Association
  • Black Sea Basin Universities Association
  • Eurasian Silk Way Universities Consortium -International Association of University Presidents
  • Caucasus University Association


Admission rules

Local Students

The citizens of Azerbaijan enter the university through centralized examinations held by the State Commission of Student Admission. Each applicant gets admitted to a certain specialization according to their exam score.


International Students 

International students can apply to the ASOIU without passing the centralized examination of Azerbaijan. International students with certain language skills can start their bachelor or master education if they successfully pass the internal selection process. The applicants, who fail the selection process, have, however, a chance to improve their linguistic skills and subject knowledge by taking one-year foundation course. Those applicants, who successfully finish the foundation course, are able to continue their education on preferred specializations. The admission process of foreign students is organized through the International Cooperation Office and International Students Dean Office.