Undergraduate programs

1. Faculty of Geological exploration


050508 Geology

050602 Geological Engineering

050603 Hydrogeological Engineering

050604 Geophysical engineering

050605 Mining engineering


2. Faculty of Oil and gas production


050606 Oil and gas engineering

050607 Oil andgas installations engineering


3. Faculty of Chemical Technology


050641 Chemical Engineering

050649 Ecological Engineering

050651 Engineering of Emergency Management and Life Safety


4. Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering


050601 Materials engineering

050610 Power engineering

050625 Technological machines and equipment engineering

050630 Mechanical Engineering

050646 Recycling and reconstruction engineering


5. Faculty of Power Engineering


050608 Power engineering

050626 Electrical engineering

050609 Thermal power engineering


6. Faculty of Information Technologies and Management


050624 Instrumentation Engineering

050627 Electronics, telecommunications and radio technical engineering

050628 Process automation engineering

050629 Mechatronics and robotics engineering

050631 Computer engineering

050647 Metrology, standardization and certification engineering

050648 Biomedical engineering

050655 Information technologies

050656 Systems Engineering

050509 Computer sciences


7. Faculty of Economics and Management


050401 World economy

050405 Industrial Engineering and Management




050407 Management **

050632 Systems Engineering **

050409 Business administration **

ZU Program


050404 Economy*

050408 Marketing *

050405 Industry organization and management*


Graduate programs


Faculty of Geological Exploration


060602 Geological Engineering

060602.2 Exploration of oil and gas fields

060602.3 Geology of oil and gas mining

060602.4 Geology of offshore oil and gas fields

060603 Hydrogeological Engineering

060603.1 Hydrogeology

060508 Geology

060604 Geophysical engineering

060604.1 Geophysical exploration methods of oil and gas fields

060604.2 Geophisics of oil and gas mining

060605 Mining engineering

060605.1 Development of minerel deposits


Facultyof Oil and gas production


060606 Oil&gas engineering

060606.2 Drilling of offshore oil-gas wells

060606.6 Development of oil-gas fields

060606.7 Development of offshore oil-gas condensate fields

060606.9 Exploration of oil-gas wells

060607 Oil and gas Installations Engineering

060607.2 Technology of oil-gas transportation and storage


Faculty of Chemical Technology


060641 Chemical engineering

060641.1 Technology of oil-chemistry technology

060641.2 Production technology inorganic substances

060641.3 Technology of oil processing

060641.6 Processing technology of polymers and composition materials

060641.7 Cybernetics of petrochemical processes

060649 Ecological engineering

060649.2 Environmental protection in oil and chemistry field

060651 Engineering of Emergency management and life safety

060651.1 Engineering of environmental protection


Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering


060601 Materials engineering

060601.1 Materials science and materials technology

060610 Power engineering

060610.1 Hydraulic systems of oil-field installations

060625 Technological machines and equipment engineering

060625.1 Oil and gas production machine and equipment

060630 Mechanical engineering

060630.2 Dynamic and strength of oil-field equipment and special installations

060646 Recycling and reconstruction engineering

060646.1 Renovation of equipment and increase of strength


Faculty of Power Engineering


060608 Power engineering

060608.2 Electrical network and systems

060608.3 Power supply (different fields)

060609 Thermal power engineering

060609.1 Thermal power stations

060626 Electrical engineering

060626.4 Automatized electro-technological installations and systems

060626.5 High voltage technics and physics

060626.6 General theory of electromechanical transfer of energy


Faculty of Information Technologies and Management


060624 Instrumentation Engineering

060624.2 Computerized İnformation and Measurement Technologies

060627 Electronics, telecommunications and radio technical engineering

060627.1 Electronics and Automation

060628 Process Automation Engineering

060628.2 Automation and management of technological processes

060629 Mechatronics and robotics engineering

060629.2 Robots and Robotic systems

060631 Computer Engineering

060631.1 Computer Engineering

060632 Information Technologies and Systems Engineering

060632.1 Management Information Systems

060647 Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering

060647.2 Standardization and Certification (sectorial)

060648 Biomedical Engineering

060648.1 Biotechnical and Medical Devices and Systems

060509 Computer Sciences

060509.1 Informatics

060509.2 Computer mathematics Faculty of Economics and Management


Faculty of Economics and Management


060401 World Economy

060401.1 International relations

060405 Industrial Management

060405.1 Management of Manufacturing and Services sectors (by areas)

060408 Marketingt

060408.1 Marketing (by areas)

060408.2 Logistics




060407 Organization Management

060409 Operation Management

060632 Computer İnformation Systems




060508 Sedimentolog

060649 Environment and oil industry

060608 Power engineering

060628 Energy Management


 Doctoral programs




1203.01 Computer Science Mechanics




2002.01 Mechanics of deformable solid materials

2004.01 Dynamics and durability of machinery, devices and systems




2301.01 Analytical chemistry

2303.01 Inorganic Chemistry

2306.01 Organic chemistry

2307.01 Physical chemistry

2314.01 Petro chemistry

2316.01 Chemical kinetics and catalysis

2318.01 Chemistry and technology of composite materials


Earth Sciences


2507.01 Geophysics, geophysical methods of exploration of mineral resources

2517.01 Lithology

2518.01 Hydrogeology

2519.01 Engineering geology

2521.01 Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields

2523.01 Well drilling technology

2525.01 Processing and exploration of oil and gas fields

2526.01 Development technology of offshore resource fields


Technical Sciences


3303.01 Chemical technology and engineering

3312.01 Materials technology

3313.02 Machines, equipment and processes

3335.01 Theoretical electrical Engineering

3340.01 Electrical systems and complexes

3342.02 Thermal power plants (thermal unit)

3343.01 The theoretical foundations of thermal installations

3344.01 High Voltage Technology

3337.01 Information measurement and management systems (different fields)

3338.01 System analysis, management and information processing

3354.01 Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines, bases reservoirs

3361.01 Solids electronics, radio-electronic components, micro and Nano electronics


Economic sciences


5304.01 Types of economic activity

5312.01 Area economy

5310.01 World economy

5311.01 Organizing and management of the entities